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Why do you LOVE/HATE your job?

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Feeling annoyed at work today so I thought it would be interesting to see what other people thought of their work?
I'll start off by saying I used to like it, now I strongly dislike it. This is mainly down to the people I work with. I work in a team of 3, and Im pretty new, whereas the other 2 have worked together for a long time. Well, 3's a crowd? I would agree with that!!
Its like them and me, not us. It does my head in. They constantly bitch about people, and whisper. They dont tell me what they are talking about, I think this is because they know I don't like doing that. They have no reason to talk about me as I just seem to get on with everyone, but Im sure they would find something.
They also leave all the rubbish jobs for me. It annoys me so much. Anyway I will be out of here next year when Mark graduates and I can go to uni.
So thats my rant over, whos next
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Gosh, I bet you're looking forward to getting out of there and going to Uni!! I know I would be!

I love my job because I'm my own boss and I do what I enjoy! It can be very difficult at times when you're working all hours, but in the end, it's all part of the fun!
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I love my job mainly because of the hours. I work 6:00am-1:30pm (thats full time). I love be home at 2:00 and relax the rest of the day, and have sunlight!! lol. I also love that it is challenging. I work for the #1 health insurance in Alabama, and I wouldn't trade it for any other job.
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I used to love my job, but I've been here for a year now and the bosses are evil, the management sucks and well, overall its a very poor environment for someone to work in. I'm currently looking for a new job, but right now, my job is just a check that I get every 2 weeks to pay the bills
I really want a job that I can truly LOVE!
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I used to love my job too. I thought that the idea of helping people, disabled people reach their best potential was just wonderful.

Then reality hit. Please don't get me wrong, I believe that everyone should have a chance, especially the blind and deaf. But spending 75,000 on one case to send someone to school with a reader, a note-taker, AT items for almost 10 years, is a little too much to swallow. The case has not and will not EVER work a day in his/her life.

Then it was that someone would come in that we never saw before, spend two hours with the supervisor, and walk out a client, with a bus pass (no biggie), taxi service, school tuition, etc. Everyone else had to go through a two week process. Not these people.

Then you have the co-workers that know they are god, think they are god and everyone has to bow down to them. I got accused of having racial slurs on my computer and the bi*ch went all the way up to Phoenix, at which point the Director had my hard drive seized.

I have been black-balled and black listed ever since. I used to think that I was a fairly impartial person, but this incident turned me into a raving segregationist.

This is only the start, but I won't bore you to death. I hate this place. It is ruining my mental, emotional and physical health. The only good part of it that I have an air conditioned place to go to in the summer, and once in a while, we get a kitten or cat that we can coo over (and possibly lose our jobs over) and that make it bearable.

I am 60 years old, where am I going to go? No one will hire a 60 year old. I'm stuck.

Sorry for the rant.
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I love being a maasage therapist, but I hate the business end of it so much that I am thinking about either going back to school, or finding a drone job that I can retire from in 20 years. I am alomst 47 and I jut have to have a regular job that I can go to without a bunch of drama.
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There probably isn't enough room on the server to discuss all the reasons I hate my job but mostly my boss is a %@#$*&% the managers are idiots who think they are god and supposedly took me on because I know what I am doing unlike everyone else yet they question every thing I say to them. And none of them could run a company properly to save their lives
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Oh boy!!

I've been working as a commercial pilot for the past 6 years, right now I work for a company that flys cargo and charter out of Northern Canada. What I love about my job is:

-the freedom..and great office view
-the challenge (always get to do something new and different)
-some of the people I get to meet.

What I dislike:

-I'm on call 24 hours a day 12 days straight
-due to the nature of my job there are times when I have to fly caskets not fun!
-everything we do is all single pilot so sometimes you get tired and there is no one else to takeover.

All in all though I think I'm pretty lucky
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I LOVE my job.

I work for an organization that helps people on a huge basis. We provide Physical, emotional, volunteer services to people suffering from Cancer. Durring this week alone we will be providing over 150 rides for patients to their cancer treatment. We provide Wigs for those patients that have lossed hair because of Chemotherapy, Prosthetics for those who have had mastectomy surgery. We educate the public about research that is going on and Cancer provention. There is absolutely no Backstabing in my workplace because we all have a seperate yet equally important job that provides hope and reassures people that are scared and nervous about their disease. I take pride every day that I help people.

If you are ever looking for a job, check out non profit charities, working for places like the Canadian Cancer society make a difference and you feel great when you go home at night.
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I work for a law firm and i have the best boss. I hate it when he leaves and cant wait until he returns. We have a good working relationship.

I love my job because i get to help people that are injured and hurt due to someone else's negligence.

I dislike my job b/c my sister works next to me and drives me nutty!
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I love my job because I get money..

I hate my job because it makes me work..
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After spending almost 20 yrs working for the worlds largest automotive finance company I was "outsized" on September 30th. I choose not to relocate-hello my husband made almost 3 times what I did-why give that up?? I was burnt out and am SO GLAD not to be working right now. I was accused of not being a team player so many times. Why should I have to help others that have time management problems?? Why do I have to fix your mistake??? Again so glad that is over.
I have a really good severance pkg so money isn't an issue.
In January I am going to ramp up my own landscape design/maintenance business. I have several jobs lined up already and last week was approached to redesign a corporate office landscape. They person who recommended me told me she thought I am one of the best designers in the area. What a boost to my self esteem to here that comment. So I'm really excited to FINALLY do something I'm good at. It will be lots of hard work and more physical labor than I'm currently used to but thats ok.
I don't know how much money I will make initially due thats ok too-we are sitting good financially plus it can't always be about the money-you have to do something you enjoy. You hear people say that they can't believe they get paid for what they do - well I'm going to be one of those people too!!
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I hate my job because I spend 7 out of 8 hours on the net surfing of TCS.

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I love my job. I am an Independent Living Attendant. I take care of people with disabilities, that's everything from washroom calls to feeding them to bed calls. It's very rewarding and I leave there feeling like I have done something to help someone, and they have their independence with us there. Without us they would be in bed all day and not able to do anything.

But there are some aspects I don't like as well. Just like any other job
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for the most part I like my job. Good hours, no weekends, no holidays and the people are friendly enough. The thing I don't like is there is one coworker who is lazy and just is annoying (thinks she is so adorable) and thinks everyone should do things for her since she is preg.

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i'm a pet portrait artist and i love my job because i get to make people happy especially when their pet has passed on and they want a portrait to remember it by, it always cheers them up so much.

i also love my job because i love animals and i am my own boss too.

i like it when i'm on a really good portrait and i'm adding layers, after a while i see it come to life and look real, it's a awesome feeling

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Reasons I love my job...

I get to help animals and feel a sense of satisfaction by doing so. Each day if different -- I would go crazy sitting behind a desk 9 - 5. My co-workers (for the most part lol) are easy to get along with and a lot of fun. I get to do interesting things like draw blood, place iv caths, give medications, prep for surgery, etc.

Reasons I hate my job...

The hours!!! Yesterday I worked from 8 - 7:30. Which was a little later than usual but I usually work 45 - 50 hours a week. The pay!!! Unless you are a vet.. jobs in veterinary medicine don't pay %#$!. The stress!! Crazy, long days can take their toll on you. It can be stressful to know that an animal's life is in your hands.

Also when (for example) when there is a nasty dog that weighs more than you do and you are expected to restrain it while it's trying to chomp your face off.
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Overall I like my job. It's boring on some days, and hectic on others, but overall I like the people I work with, I am able to be at least somewhat creative, and working for a small company gives me flexibility that I wouldn't have otherwise (i.e. when Earl called in a panic thinking Trent had really hurt himself, I just went in to my supervisor, told her the situation (she's a cat lover too), and it was no problem for me to come home and take whatever time I needed to check him out and take care of him. Luckily, Trent had just freaked out and hadn't really injured himself, but had acted like he did initially...). I'm appreciated for what I can do and contribute to the company, which isn't always the case as an Admin. Asst.

What I don't like is that the Office Manager gets stressed about her job and takes it out on me. It's not all the time, but it can make for some long and stressful days. Usually it's no big deal (per the Owners ) for me to be online if my deadlines are met, but when she's in those moods I'll catch it big time if I am doing anything "personal". Luckily, like I said, that's not all the time, or even most of the time, and I realize that it really isn't personal.
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Once upon a time, I loved my job: I was the sole source of all creative work for a start-up business-to-business franchise, and the owner knew me and my abilities well enough that he trusted me to do the job on my own. I had massive responsibility, but very little budget to work with... so I had to rely on ingenuity and intuition to shape the public persona of the company and attract both franchisees and customers.

In twelve years, we grew to be the Number Five franchise in America, and we were best-known for the integrity with which we conducted every aspect of our business -- the primary point I had always focused on in everything I did. I was SO PROUD.

But because I was PRODUCING the work, rather than MANAGING other workers, I was not rewarded with either money OR respect. And in a few years, the owner -- who had been my friend since it was just him and me working out of his garage -- turned the daily operation of the company over to one of his VPs.

This VP was obsessed with micromanagement to an absurd degree. I had been doing my job with extraordinary success for over 15 years, but this person was determined to control my every move. She literally stood over me and demanded that I change the way I used software I'd been working with since she was still in college!

I loved the company and wanted to remain part of it, so I tolerated this for awhile. Then I tried explaining to her in a respectful manner why her methods did not work for the kind of projects I was doing, but she steadfastly refused to understand, and continued to make idiotic demands on me. (Example: she asked me for a one-page explanation of a new program being rolled out; I created it, and to make it look better on the page, I put a one-lilne border around it. She called me in and literally YELLED at me for adding the border. "I did not authorize that!")

Finally, I gave up and just did my job the way I saw fit, as I had done for the past 15 years. Even she admitted that the results were excellent -- but she continued to insist on controlling how I achieved those results.

Eventually, she fired me -- and the boss, my old friend, let her do it. Half my adult life wasted, and much of that time spent being treated like dirt.

A year later, the boss called me up and asked me to do a project for him "because nobody else can do it like you," and he promised that I would not have to deal with that VP at all. Small, small consolation...but something, anyway.

So here I am today, almost two years later, still not re-employed because the thought of going back into a work situation paralyzes me with fear. After so many years there, I can't imagine any other kind of workplace, can't imagine any company ever treating me with respect or compensating me for the real value of my work. I feel like a battered wife, terrified to ever get married again. feels good to say that in public. Thank you for listening...
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I can't say that I LOVE my job but, I DO like the hours, the fact that I'm off of my feet, don't have to do any heavy lifting and don't have to deal with the public face-to-face. In addition, unlike my last job, my boss isn't psychotic.

I don't like having to try to sell something, to every caller and that the top-selling item (DSL) isn't available to every caller.
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I drive a local delivery route, averaging 150 miles a day, give or take. Good points: not stuck behind a desk, little, if any, supervision, all the overtime I need with no pre-authorization. Bad points: pay and benefits could be improved a lot, long hours in traffic, unpredictable workload. I must like something about it though, because I've been doing it for almost 11 years now.
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