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Nervous vomiting (I think)

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My baby Trent has been vomiting too frequently. At least once a day, yesterday (last night) 3 times. It's not very much, and he is still eating, drinking and playing. His demeanor hasn't changed, just oops (what we call vomits - just doesn't sound as gross) more frequently.

I think I know what the underlying problem is. We live in an apartment, and just got new upstairs neighbors. That apartment has been vacant for at least 3 months. The new neighbors are kids (19-20 years old) and are VERY loud. Last night they banged the floor so hard it knocked stuff off of shelves in my living room. We have talked to the landlord, and chances are pretty good that they will get evicted (they had a party the night they moved in, underage drinking, music, cops showed up, etc.) Trent's frequent oops started when they moved in.

My question is would Bach's Rescue Remedy help him? Hopefully either threats or actual eviction from the landlord will resolve the problem shortly, but I don't want this to continue much longer. Also, since he got used to the silence upstairs, I don't want this to happen every time we get neighbors...

Any advice would be most appreciated. Trent just doesn't do well when his world changes.
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Yes, if you think it's stress thats causing it, since you cant throw the neighbors out (LOL) then I would try giving him some Dr Bachs. I don't know if he would do this with any neighbor. It may just be that these are just making more noise and commotion than he can handle.
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Thanks for the advice, Sandie! Trent was much better last night - no oops at all. Then again, the brats from upstairs were out all night.

I'll pick some up tonight. How long should I give him the Dr. Bach's? Will it hurt my other kitty if she drinks some water with it in the water? How well do cats usually take it?

Sorry about all the dumn questions, but I'm new to the Rescue Remedy.
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Hello: Just read the instructions it will provide you a drop per pound dosage. For Example: 3 drops per 10 pounds, etc.

No it will not hurt the other babies - it either has the desired effect, calming or no change at all. When you put in into water it will take a lot longer to take effect than if you put it directly into his mouth. How well do they take it, that is really up to your kitty - how good is he at taking meds in general?

Just remember this works just like in humans, for some it will work wonderful others have no effect at all. I am crossing my finger for you...

If they get evicted maybe you can take over the
apartment - no more potential crazy upstairs neighbors make poor baby crazy!!!
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LOL, I don't think I have a kitty who likes being forced to do anything they didn't want to do in the first place. I usually just grab them and put 4 drops in thier mouths, it's pretty quick.
I would keep giving it to him for about 2 to 3 weeks if the stress level continues. If it helps him, I would give him a 2 to 3 week break and start again. Yes, if you put it in the water, it doesn't work as fast and they don't get all of it. Cats dont drink much water, so you end up refilling it. You can also get some wet food and use it as a treat. You can put the drops in a TBL of food and let him eat it. I hope it works for him, or even better is to get rid of the neighbors
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Thanks for all the help. We will see how the weekend goes with the neighbors. Being young and all it wouldn't surprise me if they try to have another party, in which case they will be gone in short order. If they don't then I guess we have to learn to live with their banging around.

I will start both kitties on it this weekend (getting paid today so I have money to get it ). Ophelia has gotten really jumpy since they moved in, and every time there was a noise from upstairs last night both kitties looked around quite anxiously. Trent's oops have pretty much stopped, but he is very anxious and nervous, which is not like him at all.

This should be interesting with giving them the drops. Trent is pretty easy to manhandle, he's very easygoing. Ophelia, on the other hand, won't let anyone but Daddy pick her up and even petting her is ONLY on her terms. That's why I was thinking about giving to them in their water. (OK, I was hoping to take the easy way out...Ophelia holds grudges, too, and I hate her being mad at me! Yes, I am a sucker.)

Wish me luck, and I'll keep you posted!
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I will be wishing everyone in your house luck People who have no respect for others need to be banished to an island where they can act as inconsiderate as they want!
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Just wanted to give you all an update.

I went to GNC and they had never even heard of Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy. Luckily, the cats are doing much better. They are still a little jumpy when the neighbors bang around, but overall they are almost their normal little selves. They were both playing and purring this weekend, which they hadn't done with any conviction since the neighbors moved in. I think they just took a little time to adapt to the changes in their environment.

More than likely the neighbors will be kicked out pretty soon. They had more parties this weekend, and the only thing that changed after all the threats was that they didn't play their music as loud. They still yelled off the balcony and in the house, threw cigarette butts off the balcony into the parking lot, broke a beer bottle down the stairs and were generally completely oblivious to the fact that anyone else may live there, too.
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I've never heard of it.
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From Sandie on another thread:

It's an all natural product used to calm your nerves. It's also used with animals. It's flower essense and some alchohol. You can usually find it at most major health and nutrition stores.
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