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Well. we know you are not a stalker or lunatic! I do hope the kitten will be OK, and it probably will. But we all want to give our furbabies hte best start possible in life, and you only tried to do that.
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Originally Posted by Andria313
Thanks again everybody... I'm feeling much better. I know that she's being well taken care of and receiving more one-on-one attention than we could give her with four cats. But you won't believe the response to my e-mail to the family (which I assure you was calm, rational, and unoffensive). The husband actually printed off the e-mail, took it to my boyfriend's work, and told him that he considers this harassment. He asked that I not contact them again, and said that if I ever come to their house, he's calling the police! This is a 35 year old man! I hardly see how one phone message (the day of) and one e-mail (3 days later), neither of which were angry or threatening, is harassment. I guess sending a follow up e-mail and calling their vet are both out of the question now, lol. Plus the guy made a big scene of it at my bf's work, and apparently everyone there now thinks I'm a stalker lunatic! This is ridiculous. Thought it would give everyone a good laugh though. Thanks again for all the support and kind words.
Oy, vey! What a week you have had! Well, I hope you end up sticking around here at TCS. I guess if you learned you have a goofy neighbor, but gained 1,000 (more or less) catlady and catguy friends, it all works out, right?
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Unofrtunately people some people don't understand the importance of taking care of a kitty. Andria, you did the right thing with the phone call and email. Probably, they are thinking you're making a big fuss for an "animal". It is sad to see people adding pets to the household, just to have a pet, when they really don't understand what it takes. You're not lunatic, you did the right thing. My friends don't get it, when I "talk" to my babies, when I've been with them for drinks after work and suddenly I have to go to feed the cats and spend time with them, because it's that time of the day. And they say: "it's only cats". I'm glad you and your boyfriend worked things out. He made a mistake and I gurantee you, my friend that next time he'll remember what happened.
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