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Moving and getting another kitty!

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Hi all!
as some of you might of read on the general forum I am moving and getting a adopting another kitty a few days later. I have a few questions

How do you guys think this will effect their introductions? I read that it might be easier because they dont have established territories. Should i move the adoption to the same day as moving or the day after or maybe make it later on. Right now Im moving on Dec 1st and the kitty is arriving on the 3rd or 4th. I dont have much space in the new apartment for 2 safe rooms (1 bedroom appt). I am going to buy a feliway plug for this stressful time for my current cat, Sakura.

Any suggestions/advise much welcomed

p.s. im pretty sure i forgot some questions that i was thinking of earlier. Ill post them if they come back to me.
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Bring in the new one later. Moving is stressful enough for all concerned, plus your present cat will feel lost if there's someone new in there first, and probably attack it.
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I agree that it is best to wait to introduce the new cat. Let your current cat(s) adjust to the move first. The exception would be if you are adopting a specific cat for whom this is a life-or-death situation - in that case, life-or-death wins out and you will just have to take more time with the introduction.
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OK, my fiance and I were thinking today about when we should get Akane (this is the name we have picked out so far) before or after the move. We are currently thinking now. This way we have enough room to make a proper "safe" room for her for the introductions. Right now we are in a two bedroom apartment and moving to one bedroom. The down side in using the bedroom in the new apartment is that my fiance works nights and one of us is always sleeping (when he wakes up i go to bed). In our current apartment Akane would have her own room so shes not stuck with someone sleeping all the time and one of us could play with her more often.

What do you guys think? Im trying to make the best choice and I dont want to mess this up.

PLease respond soon, we are trying to make a decision before its too late to do this option. Its either get her now or a few days after we move. OUr moving day is sometime in the begining of dec.
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OK.. nevermind that idea. The cat lady phoned me a little while ago and said that Akane has to go to the vet for a few days. Not for anything major just a big check up and a recheck for a uri that she had a few weeks ago.
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