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Uncle Louie has a tumor

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I had my 8 year old male cat at the Vet about a month ago because he has dry coughing attacks that last about 2-3 minutes about 4 or 5 times per day over the last 6 months or so. The Vet did a full blood panel + x-rays and determined that the cat has a tumor inside of one of his lungs. He has lost a couple of pounds and still eats and drinks water. He gave me some medication though he did not feel that it would help much and it did not. He is a happy cat and is very loving and always has been an indoor only cat. Has anyone heard of a tumor inside of a lung? What are my options here as this is only gonna get worse over time. Thanks!
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Soooo.......No one has ever heard of this???????? Please help me!
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Sounds like lung cancer - I am so sorry to hear about yor baby. Have you discussed possible treatment options such as surgery / chemo for your baby with the Vet. Maybe get a referal to an oncologist (sp?)

I am so sorry I don't have more to offer .....
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here is are 2 web sites that might help


Stay strong
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Sorry about Uncle Louie

My experiences with kittie tumors is we had a cat Rosie who had a tumor that spread through all of her organs and just recently Roo who had one on her head.

Sending mega good vibes to Uncle Louie.
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