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Need help Worms!!!!! Vent!!!

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Ok all, Here is the deal.

Mojo is about 18 weeks old and when we brought him home the first thing we did was take him to the Vet. Now this was the first vet visit and we told the vet he came from the SPCA. So we asked that he (Mojo) received the full run of test...Which included a rectal swab for worms, The vet said this was clean. The SPCA said when we picked him up that deworming was a standered practice. I took Mojo to the vet 3 weeks ago and since then He has been in a basically sterile environment. (we just moved into a new apartment) He is not an outside cat and has never been outside. (With us). He eats only Nutro kitten food and not more then ten min. ago I look down and Mojo was walking away, I see this white glob on his butt...I grab him to get a closer look ( I thought he had eaten some paper ). What I see is four tiny white worms sticking their heads out of his butt. So, I know he has worms and I know that they must be bad for them to be showing in that way.

I am SO mad at the vet's I can't see straight .
He is going to the vet's tomorrow.... How should I handle the vet's? I mean I am pissed I spent over three hundered dollars the last visit and thought the cats where cared for! Know I don't know if they even got the treatment. Has this happened to anyone? God I am so mad that Kimmy(zazusmom) has to finish this.

Hello all! I was wondering myself if anyone knew how he could have gotten them and if it was possible that Zazu or either of us could catch them from him? Thanks for all your time and we hope to hear from everyone very soon, so that we can be prepared for the vet visit tomorrow!

Thanks again!
~Zazusdad & Zazusmom
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When a vet checks for worms they are checking for ova, or eggs. What must ahve happened is that the SPCA must have wormed him, but it did not kill all of the parasites, but did knock. the numbers down that he was not shedding ova in his feces at the time of the fecal exam. In tech school we are taught to write that no parasites were noted at the time, that does not mean the animal is parasite free, they are just not shedding ova at the time of exam. Some parasites can lay dormant in an animals body for quite awhile before they start to shed ova, or in the case of mother animals pass them onto their babies.
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Yep what she said. Don't get mad at the vet. Just get the cat treated for tapeworms, be sure to keep the cat safely deflead and all should be well.
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We just wanted to add that we started them on Revolution 2 months ago when they just wouldn't take the Hartguard chewy pills. We loved the idea of the liquid application. We just gave them the montly dose (2nd dose since we have had them) no more than a week ago. We are really worried about Zazu, Mojo's brother, and of course we are thinking about ourselves, also. Many of you have mentioned Drontal, is that the shot? Is that a presciption? Like we said earlier...they have an appointment for tomorrow night. From what I have read on the site...I personally think its the tapeworm (tiny rice looking worms). Thanks for the insight Petnurse! Hope to hear from eveyone else soon, so that we will be prepared to talk with the vet tomorrow.

~Zazusmom & Zazusdad

PS: BTW Zazusdad has been disappointed with the customer service that we have had the past two times at the vet and we are looking for a new vet in the area...if there is anyone from the Virginia Beach, Virginia area...we would love to have some personal referrals. Thanks again!
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I have to say that the kitties are flea free...we check them all the's kind of a neurotic thing with me. Like I said earlier...they are on Revolution, also...that is supposed to control the fleas, heartworm, earmites and all kinds of creepy crawlies. Zazusdad, since reading your posts has learned not to be mad at the vet...I think he is more irritated with the situation. We are always trying to do THE BEST for our cutie kitty buddies...and it's a little disheartening when you find something like WORMS! Thanks for the info...please keep it coming!
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Hi, would the worms show up on a Xray?

My Tuffy had just horrible diarea when I found him, and his little rear end was bright red and he acted like it really hurt him, is that a normal reaction to worms?

The vet gave him some big pill for the worms/parasites, I assumed he was clear of all that stuff.

He had a Xray a couple months after the worm pill to look at his lungs and other stuff to see why he is having breathing problems,so thats why I was wondering if he had any big worms in there if they would see them on the X ray.

I am sorry for hijacking this topic.
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Just two other comments - the dewormer administered by the SPCA may not have been one that kills tapeworms. That's the case at our local Humane Association. Also, a fecal sample is problematic in detecting tapeworms because the tapeworm eggs are contained in the segments that crawl out the anus. They wouldn't necessarily show up in a fecal sample.

PS - I don't think worms show on an x-ray because they aren't dense enough to cast a "shadow" on the film. Unless maybe there's a whole mass of them packed in there?
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There are other tapeworm species that do not use the flea as an intermediate host, but I cannot find my parasitology book at this moment to tell you which ones.

Worms will not show up on a radiograph.
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Thanks you all for the great comments and information! Our kitty, Mojo, does not have diarrehea or a red sore bottom, we hope that it's plain old tapeworm that will be cured from ??? Please keep the knowledge coming...we need all that we can get!

Mojo, too!
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We use injectable Droncit (praziquantel) for treating tapeworm, but it also comes in pill form.
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drontal (sp?? ) is a pill I found it quite easy and effective
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Originally Posted by sharky
drontal (sp?? ) is a pill I found it quite easy and effective
my vet gave ailey that this morning he gave me 2 pills one to give her today and the other 30 days from now.
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis
my vet gave ailey that this morning he gave me 2 pills one to give her today and the other 30 days from now.
mine gave me one for each kid as preventative ... it may be more if infected ...
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I am hoping for a shot form at the vet's office! These kitties DO NOT LIKE pills...which is why we switched from Heartguard and Advantage to Revolution. We could just not get them to eat the heartguard. Thanks for the input...hope to hear more soon!
& Mojo, too!
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The only dewormers that kill tapeworms are Droncit (tapeworms only) and Drontal (broad spectrum). If they did not receive either of those, they could still have tapeworms

Tapeworms are no big deal. Really. Just make an appointment with the vet, and don't eat any of their poop in the meantime.
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Tuffy won't take pills either, it took 2 vets and me to get the worm pill in him at the vet after about 4 attempts.

The vet also gave me some pills to help his breathing but there is no way I can get him to swallow them. After alot of fighting I got him to swallow one but as soon as I let him go he threw it back up on the floor.

I don't want to become the bad guy to him so he is scared of me when ever I pick him up so I just gave up on getting any pills in him. I can get liquid meds in him without to much fuss though.
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You should be able to get it by shot. I had to with my cats as they are so hard to pill. The shot cost more then the pill. But for me I would rather pay the extra for the shot. I would think its your choice which you want shot or pill. just tell the vet you prefer the shot.
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Thanks so much for your info guys! We just got home from the vet...and thankfully Mojo was able to get the shot and Zazu is free and far as we know, anyhow! Thanks for all of your input...we felt very prepared when we went into the vet's today! Hope all is well & we will talk with you soon!
& Mojo, too!
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