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~Cuteness Alert~

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I have no idea how she can sleep like this!...

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How cute is that....Great picture...
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Oh my goodness, how precious! What a cute little baby!
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OH, HOW ADORABLE!! I love li'l kitties...they are just too darn cute and hypnotizing! Heh, great pictures! Awww, that is sooooo cute! Kitty kitty kitty kitty KITTY!!
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Awwww....she is adorable.
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That is wonderful!!!

My Mum's cat used to be like that - You would put her upside down inbetween your legs and she would fall asleep within 10 seconds with her head flopping over your knees!!! I suppose its just like when kids will fall asleep in any position!!

Its because they put all their trust in you and know that you won't let them fall.
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Oh my! That is adorable!

I miss my guys cuddling with me when they were kittens.. Gordito is the only one thast still always cuddles with me now
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I wish I could fall asleep just anywhere! What a cutie!
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Awwww Sophie used to lie like that on me as well
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That is SOOOOO cute!!
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She's incredibly cute!
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Oh, what a baby! She is adorable.
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I love them when they are that small......very cute.
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What a doll!!!!!! Looks like she trusts you guys very much, that is such a vulnerable (sp) position!
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She reminded me of when my boys were newborns and thier little necks weren't strong enough to hold thier heads up because if I would have let go, her head would have flopped back
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Awww that is so very very cute!!
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Oh and yes Hope, I am wearing a KISS shirt in the pic
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It doesnt get any cuter than that!!!
Thanks for putting a smile on my face little furry one.
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What a sweet and precious baby...looks like she would NEVER be naughty! :-)
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Lily not be naughty? Boy does she have you all fooled! this is the same kitty that has tore 2 shower curtains, knocks over glasses and waits till about 3 in the morning to do her 300 mph laps around the house including right across your head! And likes to chatter like Rosie!
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