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Cat sucks his "thumb"

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I have a two year old cat that sucks the pad on his front paw. I rescued him and his sister when they were three weeks old from a man that was going to shoot them. The sister other then being a pain in the butt behavior wise, is fine. But Lexi has been sucking his thumb since he was about five weeks old. He has gotten some growth things on some of the other pads on his paw from what I can only guess is from his theeth rubbing on them all the time. Is there anything I should be worried about?
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I would try to encourage him to suck on something else such as a stuffed animal or something. My little girl sucks her tail and I can't seem to break her of the habit but I know it isn't good for her. She was also taken from her mother too soon. I think they do it for comfort. You could also put some bitter apple on the area he suckles. It doesn't work for Sage but might for you.
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I agree with trying bitter apple... it may be that he was just taken from his momma too early - hopefully he'll grow out of it with the help of bitter apple.... dont want him messing up his feet!
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