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Max's photo thread

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i'm going to put updates of max here so you can see his progress, i did have a thread for his photo's but i can't seem to find it

here's the one's of when i first found him

i'll post some more recent one's soon, he's looking heaps better already

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Are you going to keep him after all?? He is a cutie!!
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aww! He's soo cute! I love the markings on his face!!!
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Thanks guys!

i would love to keep him but not only am i not allowed to but he already has a home waiting for him with my best friend

she's the one who named him, she has one cat already and it's strictly indoors only, max will be too thank goodness.

she's really looking forward to seeing him i'm just so happy he's got a good home to go to, nikki will spoil him rotten, plus, he'll have a little sister to play with.

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here's some more photos of max, not a lot of difference, he has had a brush, small bath and a good nights sleep plus good food and plenty of love and TLC

he's so cute lol

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He is such a cute guy! I love when the tuxido cats have a mustache!
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Awww, Max is a cutie! I'm so pleased that he has a wonderful home waiting for him with Nikki!

I'm sure there must be a thread on that says how TCS members are suckers for black and white kitties!
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He's already looking happier! well done to you
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Originally Posted by Pombina
He's already looking happier! well done to you


he is also starting to roam the house, when my two are put away, and he acts like the boss already, it's good to see some spunk show through, before he was just scared

i can't wait to drop him off at his new home, i'm going to miss him but once he's home he can start to settle down more and get to know kitty, the cat he will be living with. i hear she's hypo lol
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He is gorgeous I love black and white kitties
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He's adorable! I love the black spot on his nose.
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Max looks great..Your doing a great job with him..
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Max's nose is the best!!!
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What a great idea!!, I'll be checking in often to see Max's progress!
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He's a real cutie!!
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Max has a vet appointment for next Saturday, he needs a general check up plus a test for feline leukimia and aids, i'm sure he's fine but it's best to get it ckecked, plus, once he has the all clear he can play with my kitties until he goes to his new home.

the vet also said they can find out his sex, i think he's a boy but i really don't know for sure, they can also give me an estimate of his age, plus he needs a nice collar, a bowl and some toys of his own, i saw a awesome collar last time i went shopping, it's royal blue with little diamonties on it, it would suit him so much .

i just wonder how he survived so long without food or water, the girl who found him is a friend of mine and she said no-one had stayed in that cabin for over a week, maybe even two, she organises the bookings too so she knows if and when people have stayed there, we don't get too many people staying here because there's only 100 people, a store, shire, museum and pub, the only time we get heaps of visitors is during wildflower season.

she said when she went in to clean the cabin it stank really bad and there was cat poo and wee everywhere she said even though he was super skinny and obviously tired, he still managed to pur and rub against her, she told me about him because iv'e said a few times to people here, if they find cats or kittens in need of looking after, i'll take them.

i'm just glad he was found in time, i don't think he would have lasted much longer.

i'll add some more photo's soon.

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here's some more photos

i'm going to really miss this little guy, i can't even get a photo without him trying to smooch me
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Awwww, Felicia! You will miss him, won't you, but you know h'e going to have a great home and you can visit him!

He looks so much more healthy now, you've done brilliantly with him!
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