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He sleepwalks

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Timothy Titus, my 14 month old DSH, has the strangest habit.

We've only had him for two weeks, and last week noticed he's a very violent sleeper. Where most kitties will twitch their paws and tail as they dream of chasing mice and playing, Timothy acts it all out in full force.

He 'cycles' his legs as fast as he can while flailing his arms in the air. His eyes are partially open (even the inner lid) and his mouth chatters. We can actually tell what he's dreaming by the way he acts it all out.

The other night he was on the couch and he totally SPAZZED out, he flipped right up off the couch and knocked off two cushions and a blanket. He didn't wake up! He was asleep the whole time. He quieted a bit then started crawling across the couch and fell over the edge, hitting the floor like a sack of potatoes completely limp. He was still asleep! He didn't wake until a couple minutes later when we were howling with laughter.

It's hysterical but alsoa bit worrisome, the way he hit the floor. He's since fallen off the couch several times. Perhaps I should buy him a kitty helmet?
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Perhaps you should get him some x-rays, and a neuro. exam by the vet.
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Is it possible he could be having seisures? I guess if he is still sleeping afterwards, he may not be, but I would take him to the vet. That's really scary!
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This is a known disorder in humans, but I've never heard of a cat having it! I think it's called "night terrors."

As I understand it, sleep normally disengages the voluntary nervous system for precisely this reason -- so we WON'T act out our dreams. But for some reason, this OFF switch doesn't always work.

There have been a few people who have tried using this disorder as an excuse for strangling their spouses in the middle of the night. Not sure whether the juries bought it.

Anyway, there may be something your vet can do for your little guy. He may even end up the subject of a scientific study! Good luck...
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