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Anyone have experience with seizures?

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My kitten Timmy has had several seizures, started 3 weeks ago.
He's been tested for so many things including a MR. The vet could see a swelling on the brain and thought it was caused by a virus infection. But the bloodtests were all negative and they don't know what it can be (he's been tested for toxic, toxoplasmosis, FIP, FIV, FeLV etc.).

He's on antibiotics and cortisonsteroids for the swelling and he hasn't had seizures in 2 weeks (the medication has helped).

Does anyone here have experience with seizures in cats?
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I do with Hope. She also was tested for everything and the vet couldn't determine anything. It was deemed birth trauma/oxygen deprivation that caused a neurological disorder. She will only go on meds if the seizures get worse. I have seen any in 3 weeks so things are looking better for her. Maybe she will grow out of it.

Is there any sign of a brain tumor? If there is swelling that is a possiblity. Also some forms of cancers might cause swelling.

Sorry about your kitty hopefully the meds will keep the seizures away.
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I'm sorry to hear about Hope. I hope she'll be fine!

No, it's not a brain tumor, the vet would have seen that, he told me. But he was pretty sure it was Toxoplasmosis or another virus infection, but it wasn't. He said something about enphalycities(?)...

The seizures came frequently, he had 11 seizures in 2 hours and he wet and pooped himself, drooled and ran into things. The emergency vet gave him Valium to calm down, and that helped until next day.

It's so heartbreaking to see him having seizures, but he hasn't had any in 2 weeks (since he started on steroids). When I wean him off the steroids (don't know excactly when), I hope he doesn't get any relapse. Then he's on medication again...
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Possibly Epilepsy??? If so I think there are meds for that.
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Epilepsy is usually just unkown cause of seizuring. They thought my kitten had toxo too but she came back negative. I'm not familliar with what you mentioned but a swelling in the brain is most certainly a cause of the seizures, and something is causing the swelling. I hope your vet is able to determine what it is. Anything related to the brain is kind of scary .

I know what you mean about scary...its the scariest thing I've seen my cats do.
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You didn't by any chance use an over the counter flea treatment did you? Because I had a neighbor who used one and caused her cat to have seizures til all the medicine was washed off and the house cleaned!
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That's right, epilepsy is quite rare in cats.
They just can't set a diagnose, because they don't know what it can be.
I'm just hoping he's going to be fine again, without medication too.

No flea treatment have been used (we don't have flea in Norway!).
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