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Newly adopted cat has worms

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I adopted an adult cat from a local rescue program two weeks ago. He's a darling and we're so happy to have him in our family.

However, I noticed last week that he has a tapeworm, from the usual 'rice' bits around his bum and on his bed.

The rescue program sent us three tablets of Pry-A-Pam, and we gave him his first dose six days ago. Since then, the amount of worms visible ahs more than tripled and it's getting to be a disgusting mess! he is due for his next dose in four days and then another in ten more - but I can't imagine it would take a full month to get rid of a tapeworm???

I have found next to no information online about how long the process will take, can anyone enlighten me?

Also, I have another adult cat but she received a shot of Advantage and a de-worming shot in September. Do I need to treat her again as well?

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It sounds like you need a vet evaluation for all! It would be a good idea anyway to get the new cat to your own vet asap, and then the worms can be dealt with as part of an essential first check-up.
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I definitely have to do that. He also has a weepy eye which has been checked by a vet, and is suspected URI.

I just can't take the worms! I've had kitties with them before but never like this. My concern is, after reading over the OTC threads on here, I am worried about giving him a shot after he's already had a tablet. He was de-wormed last June when he was rescued, and his foster-parent can't figure out how he has them again. My opinion is Pyr-A-Pam must be crap. Grrr.
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Sorry, that medication doesn't kill tapeworms.


I recommend a vet appointment. Drontal is 100% effective against tapeworms. But any deworming may need multiple treatments, because none kill larvae, only adult worms.
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Now I am REALLY peeved at the rescue program.
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You should see more worms after deworming. This is a GOOD thing, because it means the worms are dead or dying and the cat is pooping them out.

Deworming should be done according to schedule with a vet recommended dewormer.

I wouldn't be upset with the rescue group. They cannot ever guarantee that your cat is 100% healthy at any point and it is your responsibility to take him to the vet within a week or two of adopting to make sure he is healthy and treat any medical problems that may be present.
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