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He dumped the water dish over.

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Well my Jordan was apparently feeling neglected again this past weekend. While I was at the auction for the shelter he turned thier circulating water dish completely upside-down. I've got 2 questions;
Any inventive ideas to make it so he can't do this?
What do you do to make sure your cat(s) are getting enough individual attention?
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I think Jordan probably decided that the water dish is a fantastic toy.
I don't know how you can stop this other than getting him another cat toy.
As for giving attention to your kitties, I think that you should just stick to the normal, regular activities you have been doing so far. I believe cats are independent enough to know that their humans can't be their servants all the time!
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We had that problem with one of my folks' kitties. I took a 2'x2' piece of 3/4" plywood and covered it with vinyl (using staples on the underside). Then I placed the waterdish in a corner, facing in toward the center of the base, and lightly outlined it in pencil.

Then I stapled the fuzzy side of some Velcro to the base, following the outline. The loopy side of the Velcro has to be the adhesive-backed kind, to stick to the bottom of the waterdish.

It's a pain to peel it up when you have to change the water, but at least you don't have to worry about your kitty going thirsty! :-)
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Anyone have any exerince with the cat sitter videos? I'm just trying to think of ways to keep my little smarty pants entertained while I'm away. they have all kinds of toys, but his little sisters favorite game is hide the toys under the fridge.
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yea my Bear will hide toys all over the house and we cant ever find them. Dont spend more time with one cat then the other sometimes they get jealous!
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hi there Rang,
He's asking for attention - give him gobs, no matter when or what for.
We use earthquake putty out west here for those things that we need to keep in one place. it's great!
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Sleeves went through a phase of this when we were sleeping and he wanted us to get up, like putting toys in the bowl.
He actually just stopped though, he must have got bored with it.
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My cat fountain has suction cups on the bottom to keep it in place...perhaps you could try adding suction cups to yours if it doesn't have them?

As far as the cat sitter video - my cats really enjoy it.
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