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Confused.. can you help??

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I posted a question before about my Bella's IBD.

My question is -- I have read on www.catinfo.org that a diet high in protein and very little or no carbs is best for IBD kitties and they are having great success. I am not comfortable with raw, and want to start first with a good canned food (since she has been on dry WD and obviously still sick). So I am confused.. I heard here that fiber is KEY for IBD kitties but how do you get fiber with a no/little carb diet?

Natures Variety has 95% meat from novel sources but only 3% fiber (is that enough?)
Wellness is all chicken/beef/fish and has very little fiber.
Medical has a hypoallergenic diet that is supposed to be great for digestive problem kitties but seems high in carbs (potatoes/starches/rice!). Their fiber diet is very high fiber but is chicken and beef.

I really need some help/advice if anyone has any. I posted the same question to the yahoo IBD feline group so hopefully someone will reply w/ an alternative to raw.
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My loki has major foood allergies to Wheat, Corn , Soy etc. you name it. He get's bloody diarreah.

The only food that has eliminated this is Life's abundance. It's not how much fiber but the right kind of fiber -you don't just want carbs from Corn, Wheat, or garbage fillers - therfore 3% is plenty if it comes from the right source such as beets, brown rice, etc.

If you are interested - give it a look and good luck with your baby.

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