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Miss Needy kitty

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One of my little 8 moth old female kittys is the neediest cat I have ever seen, I love her to death but man she is in my lap right now and she loves to nibble or just get a little piece of skin on my face or neck and hold it,and I know it's just her wanting to be loved on, she is alway's sticking her face and head on my mouth for kisses and she gets them, the problem is that she walks nighty miles an hour around my feet, by the way her name is Ziggy I have stepped on her once and I don't want to hurt her, she's such a busy baby is there anyway to keep them from doing that, I'm afraid she's going to make me fall down the stairs
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I hear that! I always trip or stumble, once I stepped on her tail uknowingly...I felt like such a mean mommie... . Even I need some advice regarding this! Once even I bumped into a cabinet as I was constanty looking down... Oh the joy of having kittens!!
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One way to wean the "neediness" is to have short separations. Start off a few minutes and then so on. It is show that you will come back and to allow her to understand that it is ok being alone.
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