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Untill later sweet Ajax

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Ajax was a handsome grey & white cat brought to our shelter in very poor condition. He was very thin & had been shaved, we are to this day unsure of what his previous owners knew about his condition. We asked & they insisted that he was not sick, but a blood test revealed what I suspected the second I saw him, Kidney Failure. The owners tried to tell us he was 10, but I suspect he was more like 17 or 18. When we couldn't get him to stop losing weight he went to live with a voulnteer for his last few months. I'm told his passing was peaceful & he was not in any pain. SO:

Young & healthy again
Know we loved you
You touched our hearts in your short time with us
Until we meet again sweet Ajax!!
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RIP sweet Ajax angel
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RIP darling Ajax:
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Godspeed over the Bridge, sweet Ajax! I am glad that you lived your last days in the comfort and care of a real home of a very loving person(s)- toss a falling star their way to tell them thank-you & that you're okay now...
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R.I.P. dear Ajax.
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RIP precious angel
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Poor baby

RIP Ajax Have a wonderful time over the bridge
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RIP Ajax
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Condolences on the loss of Ajax. Some people just don't have a heart, to dump an ill animal! That is how I got my Garfield. Shortly after he was given to the foster agency, his brother Odie died of distemper at my house, breaking my children's hearts.

I wish every animal was valued for the unique beings that they are! I'm glad Ajax's last days were in a home, with love and comfort. Rest in peace, big guy!
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Poor Ajax I am glad he went peacefully. Phewee on the previous owners for abandoning him when he started getting ill- I hate when people do that! RIP sweet kitty
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