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Cats and cold weather

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I have had my cat since April, first ever cat, so bit inexperienced.

For various reasons, we are unable to have a cat flap, so have to let Frankie in and out while we are at home.

In the summer this was fine - before work we let her out, she plays all day outside, let her back in and leave window open in evening so she can go in and out.

Now the winter is here, am bit concerned about leaving her out all day when it is 1 degree C as it is today! She has a 'cat kennel' with pillow in, but she just loves playing so does not tend to sit in it! Don't really want to keep her couped up all day.

So the question is - how does the cold affect cats? Does the cold ground not hurt their paws? Do they not get cat version of hypothermia? Am just a bit worried, as advice gratefully received!
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i've never had any problems with this.... they seem to enjoy playing in the snow just as much as playing in the grass. rest assured that if kitty gets cold, she will eather find a warm dryer vent to sit by, or will ask to come back inside.

(they have a warm fur coat for a reason!)
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We had three indoor/outdoor cats when I was growing up, one would go out in all weathers but the other two got as far as the door, saw it was raining/windy/snowing and would run back inside as fast as they could! So long as you're not kicking him out when he doesn't want to go, then it shouldn't be a problem!
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Put a box with a pillow or blanket in it by the front door, and if it is cold enough, he will use it! Is there no chance of getting him a cat flap?
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Hi! I have had indoor/outdoor cats all my life and
lived in cold climes. I would put a shelter outside
for your kitty, in the back yard area - some fenced in
safe area if you have one?

Kitty Kabin (I think that's the spelling)
is a product sold from UK over the
internet - if it were my cat that's what I would
get. Very cute cat shaped shelter...

OTH you can also get a dog igloo or small
dog cabin and put a nice outdoor patio
cushion in it... maybe also a sunggle disk
to keep him warm?

Just my two cents!
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My cats are indoor/outdoor. Since it gets much colder where I live in the states (colder that 10 below zero farenheit my cats get a winter coat which they shed in the spring!!
They also eat more food in the fall. Today for instance is about 43 degrees farenheit and they have been in and out a couple of times already. They don't stay out too long-Bobs the hunter will stay out the longest today though maybe 30 min at a time. They don't seem to mind light rain or snow but don't like those conditions when its windy. Once it gets say 15 degress or colder some don't even want to go outside-or if the snow is deep they keep on sinking in and it takes too long for them to walk anywhere!! Hope this helps.
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In bad weather, let her out, but wait a while (as long as you can within being late yourself) to see if she's had enough in 5-15 mins. and wants back in. And if a bad storm is predicted, just keep her in - she'll get over it!
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You may want to invest in a heated water bowl also. I have one for my ferals and it is great not having to break the ice and refill the water bowl 4 times a day in the winter.
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The trouble is that she might find a warm spot that isn't safe -- like the ever-popular engine of a parked car. Two of the outdoor kitties I had as a child were lost that way, before my family concluded that cats should live indoors.

Perhaps if you got her a companion, she'd be gloriously happy indoors... and safer, too! :-)
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