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I think my Kitten is Eating too much

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Hello ,

I think my kitten is eating too much, i was trying out the bowl full at all times routine so he doesnt go hungry but now i think he is eating too much, he is only 3 months old and he has a little pot belly ( its cute ) but worry some. i went to the vet just last week for his second shot and he gained 2 pounds in 3 weeks..not sur eis this normall, or should i try a better aproach by just giving him a certain amount at a time..thanks for your help in advance.

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in my expierence.... kittens, like babies, like to eat and get fat tummies
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Yah thats what i thought but the vet is warning me of FLUTD wich is highly likely in male cats that they will get this desease if they are gaining too much wait! thanks though for your comment.
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Was he checked for worms?
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Yes he was and im also giving him a de-worming medicine the doctor perscribed, she says she gives it to all new kittens just to be on the safe side. i did ask her though when she prescribed the medicine if he had worms and that is why she was prescribing the meds. but she said no, so im taking her word for it. I did bring in a poop sample to be analized to make sure for certain though.
thanks for the question though.
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Kathy..you also may want to check the food you are feeding your little one..make sure the first ingredient is MEAT and not MEAT BY PRODUCT or CORN. The first ingredient should be Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Fish...kittens tend to need LOTS of protein and will eat less of a high grade brand.

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What are you feeding him? If you are feeding more dry than canned, then switch it around. Try offer a moist food meal in the morning and again in the evening - and reduce the amount of dry food you are putting down each day.

Personally, (and my vet concurs) I don't believe kittens can eat too much. They play hard and burn a lot of resources. Gaining weight is spurts is often seen and is completely normal. Unless your boy is displaying symptoms of urinary issues, I wouldn't worry about it. However, make sure that he has a constant supply of fresh, clean water at all times and feed moist food more so than dry if you are concerned.
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thank you, im feeding him Iams kitten, and its all dry food i think i will swich a little with canned and dry the only problem is i dont want to get him too attached to the wet food, he isnt having any problems with the bathroom area, just he goes alot, but i was also told that is normall with kittens.
im feeding him now only a 3rd of a cup in the morning and a 3rd of a cup at night only he wants more and im not sure if i should or not, but because i have a kind heart and cant spare to hear him cry i cave...lol. I change his water in the morning before i go to work and as soon as i come home. so the fresh water should be no problem.

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I'm in the process right now of trying to switch our cats over to more wet food and a high quality which is better for their weight than dry food and also better for their health.
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It is actually very important that he "gets attached" to canned food. A diet of exclusively dry food is a major risk factor for FLUTD in young cats and diabetes and kidney disease as they get older.
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I give my cats wet and dry. The cat that doesn't like the wet that much is the FAT one! They don't get that much, just a 1/4 big can twice a day each.
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