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Irelands Feral Cat Welfare problems

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Dear Cat forum and other rescue groups.
Cats, cats every where.And where is there for the public to go?Dublin is over run with Feral cats. The cats are suffering and the public are getting NO HELP.

It's no Joke to find 35 cats living in your garden, it causes unnecessary suffering to the animal as it is left to forage for food,out in all elements and left to breed year after year.
What the public need is direct action.The situation has gone way beyond animal rights and animal welfare it is now a human responsibility issue. These cats exist because irresponsible owners did not neuter/spay their pets and left them to their own devices.
Many of these cats can be neutered/spayed to halt the problem off over breeding, some may have to be euthanased due to illness and malnutrition. But one thing that is certain for the cats and the public alike something needs to be done at GOVERNMENT LEVEL.This problem has gone ignored for to long. Solution a GOVERNMENT FUNDED MASS TRAP NEUTER AND RETURN SCHEME.
I run kitten adoption, I like many other groups do what I can when I can, it's a joke we cannot possibly keep up with the level of breeding in Dublin alone.
Below is a brief out line of ONE situation in Blackrock. It typify's the calls that I am receiving daily, with the public desperate for help. The bigger organizations choosing to ignore the problem thus adding to the over breeding.And adding to the publics frustration,causing not only a pandemic over breeding of cats, but adding to social and mental health problems within these communities who have to find a solution to the problem.
Is it any wonder that the public are taking matters into their own hands and disposing of these cats in inhumane ways or contacting pest control.
Something needs to be done.Money needs to be made available to the public for continuos neutering/spaying projects.It works in other countries and it can work here. We have the volunteers, we have the will....All we need now is a government funded.
What can you do? Please if you have the time drop our Lord Mayor a line out lining the problem that Dublin has. Dublin and indeed Ireland depends on tourism as one of it's major revenues.Only the tourists never see the the un caring face of cat and indeed animal welfare in Ireland. We have an appalling rate of abandonment lack of education and cruelty.
Constituency Office: 30 Bulfin Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8
Business Address: Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 353 1 676 1845; Fax: 353 1 679 6573
email: lordmayor@dublincity.ie

I have been lobbying my own politicians and government bodies for change in legislation. Dublin has over a million and a half feral cats with very little being done to help both these poor cats and the frustrated public. It's common place here in Dublin for PEST CONTROL to trap and dispose of these cats/kittens.

So apologizes for the long post. If you have not lost the will to breath after reading. Please consider dropping an e-mail or letter to out Mayor.

Many thanks Jan for Kitten Adoption.

................................................................................ ....................................................
My Name is Dr Jan Emslie and I run kitten adoption. To save outlining what we do the link to our web site is WWW.kittenadoption.ie.
I would like to talk "in person" to yourself and or to a member of your party who can give me some information and direction on the publics problem with "FERAL CATS".
And outline what your party/ the government of this county is doing and what is in place to address the problem?And what is your party's mandate on the welfare of animals in Ireland?

Daily I am receiving recycled calls from members of the public looking for help with cat problems. The calls are being re cycled as many other feline welfare organizations have answering machines and do not return call, the frustrated public keep trying till they find a human to talk too, most of the time they are being informed that there is NO HELP available from said organizations.Hence "recycled calls.I cannot ignore these calls. The public have a right to help and advice.

I have found myself dealing with a situation in the Vincent's Park area of Blackrock.
Kitten adoption was contacted by a Miss Ann Harding regarding a colony of cats in her garden. She has 35 cats/kittens "using" her and her neighbours property.
Ann first contacted a welfare group back in 2002 (This can be corroborated by her vets) The advice given back then was keep feeding them and someone will be out. No one ever came despite numerous calls made over the years. Ann is trying to be responsible and did neuter/spay as many cats as she could out of her own pocket. This woman is a care'r for her elderly mother and was for her disabled father before he passed away, so money was short.So cats were left behind and continued to breed. I was out to see first hand the situation and I saw over 35 cats and kittens on this property. This is scandalous. Not only were some of the cats/kittens beyond health recovery.
The enormity of this situation has taken it's toll and has now become a SOCIAL and MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE with Ann and her elderly mother.Her Dr can verify this also. As can the vet who has tried to help her as much as he could.
Her neighbours are (rightly) up in arms, threatening all sorts to Ann for feeding these cats, and the problem will not go away without immediate and proper intervention.???Poison/substance was thrown over her wall and glass, her mother and her have been threatened. As stated to me....Quote>>>The Police were not interested as were Cats Aid and Cats Protection. The DSPCA asked me to bring the cats to them...All 30 odd cats. I can't drive and did not have any way of getting these cats to MountVenus. I have done what I could but NO ONE is listening or helping me.<<<Un Quote.

I have now got involved, and will work towards solving this out of MY OWN POCKET.(I have also contacted the DSPCA see copy of e-mail below)
And may I stress that Miss Harding's problem is not an isolated case, we get many calls per week and every cat that is not neutered or spayed only goes to add to the serious over population problem, which affect both cats and the public alike.

Now I get NO Gov grant from the Dept of Agriculture, I depend on public donations and good will.
To sort this situation alone will run into hundreds. Kitten adoptions expenditure is already well over 500E and there is still many cats to be trapped and spayed and either relocated or euthanased.

I would like to request a meeting and see if any help is forth coming from any government body to positively address the issue of Dublin's feral cats.
We need a "Public Pot" to help welfare organizations fund TNR Projects..On going...One cat left to breed will only un do any good work done by any organization...This does Not include the one off payment from the Dept of Agriculture....That IMO is like trying to solve world hunger with a packet of M and M's, it is NOT enough and is not aiming at the heart of the problem.A proper plan of action needs to be directed to the core, which is Trap Neuter return/relocation, or at least a dignified end for these cats....Euthanasia by a designated vet not PEST CONTROL COMPANIES, which is the practice at the moment.

The situation in BLACKROCK could have been avoided if the "BIGGER" cat welfare organizations had offered a solution back in 2002. Now it has landed on my doorstep and I cannot ignore. The Feral cat problem in Ireland is not one of animal welfare, animal rights, but human responsibility and a Governmental issue which needs to be brought to each political offices attention.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I can be contacted on janlemslie@hotmail.com.
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it sounds like you have a big problem,
i'm sure the international fund for animal welfare(ifaw) helped the cats protection in the u.k to fund trap,neuter in 2003,you can e-mail them at info-uk@ifaw.org,you could try the cats protection,e-mail, helpline@cats.org.uk
telephone,(44+)outside uk then 08702 099 099,

i'm also sure that the world veterinary assosiation helps with large programs and educational programs and helping to bring animal welfare legislation in countries where there is none,www.worldvet.org

you could try e-mail councillor of world vet,Dr r m stevenson,he is in u.k and closest to ireland,you can find his e-mail on worldvet website.

we really feel for you and the cats of ireland and hope you can find the help you need,
best wishes
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Welcome to TCS, Jan! Bless you for tackling such a difficult problem. You have done an excellent job outlining what you are against, as well as giving the rest of us a chance to help by writing to your Mayor.
You make an excellent point about tourism being important to Ireland. I live in an area of California that relies very heavily on tourism (eco-tourism is the main goal for local revenue now) and can attest to how much political impact there is from the opinions of the "guests". I will compose and send a letter to your Mayor soon.
I will also light a candle in support of your efforts, and will ask for Divine Assistance for you as well. {{{Prayers & vibes}}} from the TCS group for speedy solutions for the cats of Ireland, Ms. A. Harding, and for yourself! Hugs, Susan
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Thank you for your support and kindness. We have a long way to go but we will get there.The information was great thank you.
Thank you all again Jan and Co.X
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Originally Posted by kittenadoption
We have a long way to go but we will get there.
and thats a brilliant attitude to have - thankyou for all your doing
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