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Up to my neck - in DOGS!

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Today, I went to visit my parents. Blondie, Mom's mutt, met me at the door and I petted her.

Shortly, after I got there, my brother showed up. Mike had HIS 6-month-old pit bull with him. Buddy ran into the house and flung himself at my lap. I suddenly had 40 pounds of squirming dog, all over me. I finally convinced him that he doesn't FIT on my lap. He then decided to play with Blondie. That didn't go over too well. Blondie is about 16 years old and arthritic. Buddy got nipped on the nose, for his impertinence.

Brewster, Mom's Great Dane came in and HE decided that I needed a big, sloppy kiss. Yuck! At least, HE'S quit trying to sit on my lap. Brewster weighs as much as I do.

Then, my nephew and his girlfriend showed up - with THEIR dog. This one also flung herself (the dog, not the girlfriend) onto my lap. My parents' kitchen was sea of dogs. Thank goodness, Mom's beagle and Basset hound stayed outside.

The real fun, was when I got home. Ike and Pearl met me at the gate and would not let me into the house, until they had sniffed every inch of my clothes. I got that "Mom's been cheating on us" look.

Whew! It is NOT safe, for me to go to my parents' house, any more.
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Too funny!!!!!!!
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LOL! That's so funny!
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Ah, yes, the inquisitorial sniff "Who have YOU been talking to????Hunh??? Well! Good thing you didn't bring them home! We'd have shown THEM!!!"
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Next time, maybe I'll take my pair to visit Grandma and Grandpa The only problem, is that Mom wants Ike and Pops loves Pearl. I might not get out with them.
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There could have been some brilliant pictures there Cindy
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That's what it's like when I visit my family members!
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You should have seen my house when we had 5 dogs (45 to 95 pound range). And contrary to popular belief, a 40 pound puppy fits very well in a lap - just ask them!!!!! My 95 pound greyhound was always in my lap.

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