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Kitten Biting Deterrant

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My 6 month old kitten is not too fond of my 8 week old kitten - I.e. he wants to bite and kick her at any chance he gets!

But! I had a little breakthrough yesterday.

I had to put flea stuff on both of them, so I put it on the back of their necks as usual. Well, we thoughe they should have another "Get to Know You" session and when Diesel went for Portia of course he went to bite for her neck, and WHAM!! he got a mouthful of bitter flea stuff!!! (This is ok, it is meant to be bitter to stop cats from licking it off but doesn't hurt them)

So they were able to "play" for a while without him biting her.

So my question is: What else can I put on the back of her neck to prevent him from biting her, which will give her a chance to be around him without being accosted??
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You shouldn't put anything on your cat to stop the biting. Biting is a typical kitten/alpha behavior. Once the kittens are spayed and neutered, the biting will end.
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Well, the boy is neutered but the girl won't be for another 4 months.

How else can I introduce them without him hurting her? She needs to be socialised and I want her to be able to run around the house.
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Any suggestions?
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Unless the bites are drawing blood, I really wouldn't worry too much. Kittens bite and tussle and hiss and howl as part of normal play... which is actually practice for when they grow up and become great hunters and defenders of the den! Nature doesn't know that your kitties aren't going to have to chase down an antelope for their supper. :-)

You do want to keep their claws trimmed, though, to reduce the likelihood of serious scratches on noses or eyes.

I have a boy and a girl, and my mom also has a boy and a girl (plus another girl who is isolated from them), and all of them were neutered no later than four months old. Nonetheless, the boys sometimes leap onto the girls' backs and bite their necks as if they're beginning the mating process! Then they relax their grip and look around as if to say, "Now I know I had a plan in mind here. Step one, grab from behind. Step two, bite neck. Step three... step threeee..."

And then they walk away looking a little sheepish. The girls don't seem to mind, and we've stopped worrying about it. So unless you're seeing actual injuries, I don't think you have to be too concerned...
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Bijou and Mika can play pretty rough at times too. Bijou is twice Mika's size but I see her instigating it sometimes - she sneaks up and pounces on him and he really is quite a gentleman kitty. He's awesome with her most of the time but occasionally gets too rough and we have to loudly say "HEY" or clap our hands. But for the most part it's best to let them sort it out themselves.
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