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Cold Cuts for Kittens

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Can I feed cold cuts such as smoked turkey, bologna, kielbasa, etc?

The kittens are around 12 weeks of age.
Is there any meat I can't feed them? Is there a list that I CAN feed them?
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Some bologna and kielbasa has garlic in it. You don't want to feed garlic to a cat. And I don't suppose the other ways the meat is "smoked" and flavored are especially good for them, either. This is true for adult cats and double for kittens. If you want to give them something that's free of onion and garlic, then I suppose a little bit as a treat wouldn't hurt. But I'd suggest you stick with cat treats.
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I would agree, don't give your kittens anything other than kitten food, dry and wet, cat treats and fresh water.
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Yeah, I would be careful especially with processed meats, as you don't always know whats gone into them.

A little bit of ham or chicken breast would be ok, but just be careful as you could end up with a kitten with nasty diarrhea.

A little bit of tuna (in brine or freshwater) would be ok.

If you really wanted to give a kitten a treat - Give them some BBQ chicken (No skin of course) - They LOVE it, and this is what I was recommended to feed my kitten when he was young (from the vet)
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all the above and the fact that many processed meats have one or more chemical preservatives that I wont eat let alone give to a small being
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As the others said, don't feed them any smoked cold cuts. Plain cooked chicken or turkey is fine occasionally, they should still get a proper cat food for most of their meals. Tuna is only OK for a very rare treat, frequent feeding of tuna can cause major vitamin deficiency. Although tuna flavored cat food is OK.
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Just wanted to emphisise on what was added very aware of any food containing garlic or onions...both are toxic to cats......

Once in a while with turkey, chicken and fish is ok....but only as a treat to be safe
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