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x mas gifts for my cats

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this will be my 4 month old kitten first christmas im going to but her stuff but i have no idea what to by her can u help me think of stuff for her and my 6 year old cat and im worried the kitten will play with the tree will she be like my older cat that never played with the tree or will she climb it?im also going to try and get her spayed
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Me cats just found a long thick shoelace and Absolutely LOVE IT! I tied big knots at each end and one grabs each end and they try to take off anf hide with it and end up playing tug'o'war. It's SOOOoooo Cute. it's amazing what every day items cats find interesting and heck it's cheep entertainment.
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You can find a lot of great toys at Petsmart. If you don't have a store near you, you can order on line.

Here are a few of my cats (Ellie 2 years old, Smokey 6 months old) favorite toys:



I also bought these from Petsmart (but they do not have them online) it is called Petstages cheese chase cat toy, and catnip feather pair. You can purchase them from the online store I found the pics from.



That is great you are going to get her spayed!

As far as the tree goes, I am not sure if she will mess with it. I adopted Ellie this past March and brought home Smokey in July. This is the first Christmas with both of them. I have decided not to put up my 7ft Christmas tree, instead I am putting up a 4 1/2 tree with non breakable ornaments. I wish you and your little ones a safe and happy Christmas.
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I created a post (somewhere else in the site) that pertains to this issue. Last year, I only had Montgomery who was 4 months old at that time. I put up a 4' artificial tree. After coming home every afternoon to find the tree in the floor, I decided to hang the tree from the ceiling upside down. My friends thought it was innovative and clever, and the most important thing, it worked!!!!!
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I'd say I agree with Sibohan. Unless you're really looking to buy something fancy (or just love to shop) home-made gifts are extremely successful. I bought my kitty, Reno an elastic fabric rope with feathers and everything. He plays with it off and on but he much prefers the long string that came off of the waistband of my sweatpants last time I was hauling laundry back and forth. He loves the string so much that I just let him keep it.
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