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Just wanted to share pictures of my cats This is Syl This is Monday, he got out and has been missing for over 3 weeks. This is Phoenix. This is Mick. This is Thumbs. This is Elton & Tyler This is Bandit. This is Bengi. This is minnie on Scooby and Pj jr to the right This is Thursday in the background. He passed away 2 years ago.
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Your kitties are adorable.
Praying that Monday comes back. I am also sorry for your loss of Thursday.
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
You have a wonderful family
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Hello and welcome, what beautiful cats you have...Hoping Monday shows up soon..and sorry to hear about your loss of Thursday.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! you has a really really lovely "collage" of kittys!!..thank you for share!!! ..

See you on the forums !!!
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What adorable kitties you that many keep you busy! I only have 2 and they are a hnadful at times. (Would`nt have it any other way tho...and whish I could afford more!)
Welcome to TCS!
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You have quite the large kitty family!!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and your kitty family to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

I hope your missing kitty comes back soon. If you post in the SOS forum you'll find plenty of help and advice there on things you can do to find your kitty
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Welcome! I'm glad that photobucket worked!

You have a really large family! I am sorry to hear about Thursday, though
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You have a big beautiful family!!! Welcome to TCS!!
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thanks for all the kind words. Syl is embarrassed by all the attention.
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AWWW What a cute paw-over-the-eyes shot!
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awww! Cute cats!

Welcome to TCS! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!!!
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Thanks for sharing the photos of your adorable fur family.
Thursday was a beautiful tabby. RIP Thursday.
Please keep us updated about your search for sweet Monday.
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HOW ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love the one with the paws over the eyes toooo cute. Salem Isis and Ailey say hello and
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Here is Benji sleeping with Curious George & Bullwinkle. Here is Elton trying to be as big as Autumn. A lazy day on the couch
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I would love to have a kitty family the size of yours! I'll have to wait until I'm not living in a business belonging to my parents though. lol I'm counting the days! Where did you find most of your babies?
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Elton & Tyler were being abused by kids in Newark as kitten and I took them away. Mick, Pj jr, Phoenix, & Minnie were kittens of the neighbors cats but they had them out over one winter so I brought them in. Benji & Bandit were going to goto the shelter so we took them in. Thursday showed up at the front door with a hole in his neck so we took him to the vet and kept him. Thumbs showed up one day then went missing for 6 months and came back. Syl and Monday showed up a week after Thursday died and we thought he may have sent them there so we took them in also.
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Cool. Do you see anymore in your future? =0)
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very very cute furrbabies
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