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Ringwom advice needed....

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So, we brought home a new, 12-week-old tortie from a rescue about a week ago and I was petting her when I noticed a bumpy area on her tail. I pulled her hair back to see a grayish bump, a bit smaller than a dime, with a little dandruff. She's also got a bit of a dark bump on her nose.

We brought her to the vet, who checked it with UV and it didn't flouresce. We're now treating her with Conofite and waiting two weeks for a culture. We're not sure if it's ringworm, but with two cats and a rabbit (and me helping with ferals), we want to make sure.

Here's the QUESTION: so, this kitten is sweet but is needy, needy, needy. Right now, we live in an apartment, and the layout is a bathroom, a large bedroom, and two large joined rooms that comprise the livingroom and kitchen. Right now, the kitten is quarantined in the bathroom, but she's miserable without company. We go in there to give her attention, but I'm wondering if she'd be better off in the bedroom?

We have wood floors in the bedroom and a Dyson animal, so cleaning isn't a problem. I'm thinking that it might be worse to have her in the bathroom -- because even though we can scrub with bleach, it's warm and moist in the bathroom.

So I'm wondering what's the better decision. Keep her in the bedroom and have to deal with cleaning the sheets, bedspread, etc..., and religious vacuuming? Or keep her in the bathroom, which can be bleached, but is warm and prone to humidity/moisture?

(I'm not going to even mention how bad we are at actually keeping this kitten from escaping Quarantine - she's faster than a jackrabbit and the bathroom is a bit of a critical room in the house)

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If she has ringworm and you let her sleep in your room- you will likely catch it too. I would keep her in the bathroom.
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I have always had cats and for the first time ever, I got ringworm this summer from my outside cat, Teddy. He had patches all over his body, but around his tail was a perfect ring...the patches of skin loss were also round, BUT I thought it was cat fight wounds.

After spending over $100 on medication that I had to give to Teddy for 7 weeks, and after some cream for my neck where I had ringworm, Teddy and I both were completely well!

Some people won't even get ringworm..others will??? I have no idea why.

I hope you get your kitty back to normal again soon.
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Originally Posted by Dr. Doolittle
If she has ringworm and you let her sleep in your room- you will likely catch it too. I would keep her in the bathroom.
I'm 50/50 on this -- basically, we've got to use the bathroom to shower, get prepped in the morning, etc..., in which case, we're walking around with wet unclothed body parts and lots of moisture in the air. We're using sandals for our feet, but I'm not sure how effective they are. The crate fills up most of the bathroom.

The bedroom is a bigger space, dry, but it can't be bleached. It will probably be harder to get spores in the nooks and crannies if they manage to get in the dresser drawers, but we've got hardwood floors and a good vacuum (Dyson Animal). My thinking is that if we're going to catch it ourselves, we're probably going to get it regardless (i can remove our bedding and only use disposable white sheets on the bed that I can bleach).

Also, if we do the bedroom -- our other two cats would have to be together during the day, and they tend to get into heated wrestling matches. They've never hurt each other, but we usually break them up.

Arrggghhh! I hope she comes up negative....if she comes up positive, they were talking about her being in quarantine for months until she's negative again, and there's no way we can have this kitten living in the bathroom for months...

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