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About a year ago my beloved cat Gipsy died. She fell off the eighth floor. At first we couldn't find her. We looked and looked but we didn't find her until the next morning and by that time there was nothing we or our vetrenerian could have done. She is now buried at our vetrenerian's back yard with a little tombstone and every time we go over there with one of our other cats we visit her . I miss her so much...even as I write this I get tears in my eyes.
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I am so sorry about the sudden death of Gipsy, and my thoughts are with you.
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Sorry about your Gipsy...like any other wound, it will heal in time, but some scars can be sensitive forever..
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So sorry about your cat, gipsey. This is a concern for my cats too though. I live on the sixth floor in an apartment building and everytime we open the balcany door, my younger cat, Cleopatra runs out and it could happen just as suddenly as gipsey.

Sorry again.
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