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Our Princess

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Life has been a little rough on her lately. She got a new nephew last month. Then she has had a tooth problem the last couple of weeks and had the tooth pulled Monday. She is the more the cuddle in bed type than the lap type. However, with the new addition and feeling poorly she has been "lapping it up" lately.
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She is cute! I hope her tooth is feeling better. We had a kitty with tooth problems before. I always felt bad when she'd try to eat something and we could see it hurt her.
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She is beautiful!
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I love her coat....she is a pretty kitty.
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She is gorgeous!
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She's a little beauty
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So beautiful! Look at her rollypolly tummy...
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aww she is gorgeous I hope she feels better soon!

Love Eva x
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What a pretty girl, and she looks like a pretty big to is she? I have one that weighs almost 17 lbs. Hope she's feeling better
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Awww.. what a cutie!
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What a cute kitty...hope her tooth is feeling better..
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absolutely cute!!!! i love her coat!!!
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Her patches are very interesting! Vivid calicos always seem to have fascinating patches.
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