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Please Help!!!!!

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Can anyone here give us a little help if you can. Our cat recently came home from a visit to the vet because he hadn't been eating as much as usual and our vet told us that he may be diabetic but he sent him home with a special cat food to try and help but since he has been home he has stopped eating altogether and has become very weak. He sleeps most of the day and when you go near him he doesn't seem to want to even look at you. He has stopped even purring now which is very unusual. When we try to move him he just meows sadly. He was on a different kind of cat food for urinary track problems before this new stuff and he won't even eat that. He was eating treats but even those don't seem to appeal to him anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions or help they can give us. We'd really appreciate it.
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I don't know what is wrong but if it were me, because it is Sunday...I would take him to an emergency vet tonight. Your kitty sounds very ill.
Absolutely get him back to the vet no later than first thing tomorrow morning.
Keep us posted please.
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I know that you were very worried.
Do you have an update on your kitty's condition this morning?
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make sure he gets to a vet!!!

also, he might also be upset in the sudden change of food. try slowly mixing in more and more with his regular brand.

sometimes cats are like children.... if my 2 year old wants mac and cheese and we give him chicken, he proceeds to toss it onto the floor ... but if he gets mac n cheese AND chicken, he's likly to eat both
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He's at the vet this now and I am waiting to here from the vet on what we can do. Last night was one of the toughest nights my wife and I have had. If you believe in prayer can you please pray for our cat. His name is Buttons. Thank you and I'll keep you updated.
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Good vibes coming from here. I know how awful it is to wait for the call to tell you what can be done. And I have sat through the night with a sick/dying cat when no emergency vet was to be had. Good luck with Buttons, I hope the problem is identified and treated.
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(((Sending a get well prayer for Buttons)))
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Sending lots of good {{{vibes}}} for Buttons, get well soon little guy
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I`m praying for your Buttons!
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More prayers and good vibes for Buttons!
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I had a cat that had diabetes but the problem was that he ate and drank constantly but was losing weight at an alarming rate. The vet put him on insulin shots and he improved. Then they changed the insulin and he went downhill. We did not put him on any type of special food. Like I said the insulin change is what made him plummet. He was also very weak and slept constantly. It was very sad for us but worth the money spent. Might be something that u want to consider.
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Awww Buttons...I will say a prayer for you right now sweetie pie.
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Buttons. I hope he'll be okay.
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Thank you everybody for your thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately it comes what it comes down to, is us having to probably put him to sleep. He is still very ill and unless there is a will have to happen. He was a very good kitty and was going to be 5 in a couple of days. Never live like you have tomorrow, live each day as if it were your last.
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I am so sorry. What did your vet say was wrong with Buttons? Did he give you any options for treatment?
Please let us know the details if you can, so others might learn from your experience.
You & Buttons will be in my prayers.
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Oh I'm so very sorry to hear about Buttons. Whatdid the vet find was wrong?
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Five is so young. What was your vet's diagnosis, and are you satisfied with it? Meaning, perhaps you should try another vet, preferably a feline specialist, if there's one in your area.
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