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Happy Tuesday.....D.T.

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It is getting late and instead of getting in the shower and ready for work, here I sit! Why do I do that???????

Hope that everyone has a good day and a happy one!

Getting the studded tires off my car today - now you know what that means? Lots more winter storms!!!
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Getting herself ready for school. This is new for us and it's hard to get up before 7 when we've been sleeping until 8 or 9 for the last several years!

I hadn't realized how old some her clothes were until I saw her next to the other little girls. I want her to look as well-dressed and cute as the other kids so I bought like $100 worth of stuff at Wal*Mart yesterday. Mostly it went on layaway, but we brought a few things home. Is that terribly shallow? I mean, clothes aren't the most important aspect of a person, but kids can be so cruel to each other.

Jim is coming with me to pick her up today. She is staying overnight at his house Weds. night so he needs to know where the school is. Plus that means he can make a dry run going past it on his way to work tomorrow so he'll know how long it takes.

Fred is becoming rather aggressive again. Besides Sparky's tail, he's been attacking Blackie for no apparent reason. I've caught him with black fur in his mouth, and he's very vocal about his feelings. I told Jim he needs to take him, I'm not up for having a feline bully.

Riki, the sugar glider, spent the evening in his hamster ball. Boy can he get that thing going fast! He seems to enjoy it, but perhaps he is actually frantic. I need to spend more time with him. He's such a cute little thing and needs attention.
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Allison - did your daughter go into kindergarten or first grade? You are right about kids being cruel. My mom didn't have the money to keep me in the "current" clothes (most of my stuff came from garage sales and hand me downs from her friends kids). I would get so excited when I actually got to get some clothes from an actual store. It wasn't until about 3rd or 4th grade that the kids started noticing what each other wore. I didn't so much as get picked on as left out. It was as if what you wore determined who you could play with.

Ah, Tuesday. It was so hard for me to get up this morning! My Spring allergies are in full swing and I'm always really sleepy when I have them. Usually by April it's over for me. My husband and I are trying to figure out what we are going to do when our lease is up in June. We have a really good feeling that the owner is going to want to sell the house and even if he doesn't my husband still wants to move because of the kids on our street. I haven't noticed anything but he says that they are very inconsiderate when they are playing and are always playing right by the cars. The problem with moving though is that the owner doesn't know we have animals. So, when the house starts showing in May then we have to find a place for them to stay. The dogs are easy, they can either go to my parents or his, but the cats are a different story. I am going to try and find a long term boarding facility that doesn't charge an arm and a leg and close enough so I can go visit. We have to do this because once people start viewing the house there can't be any signs of animals or we could get in trouble and owe a lot of $$$$$$$. We didn't originally plan to "lie" but we were in a bind to find a place to live. This time though we are starting early so we can be sure to find a place that allows animals.
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I put her in kindergarten. She is working at a level of about halfway through 1st grade, so I thought of having her tested and placed there, but . . . The school year in TX runs from August to May (not Sept to June) and there is still spring break, so it's only a few weeks. I felt like she would be starting a little behind and playing catch-up for the rest of the year, plus the emotional stuff that's going on at home, and that would be setting her up to fail kind of thing. If the work is a little too easy for her, at least she isn't overwhelmed by it.

I find the kids here are already really clothes-conscious, perhaps it's our neighborhood or maybe the large numbers of non-English-speaking immigrants who are also trying to assimilate. I'm sure, too, that if we were more in homeschooling circles people wouldn't be as aware of slight shabbiness, since with one parent at home and only one income, everyone is scrambling.
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Looks like the sun may be coming out today, which will be nice after yesterday's drizzle. I'm doing the rest of the laundry today, going to see a friend's new house, and taking dinner to a friend who had a baby last week. Nothing too exciting.

My ear is still bad. It's starting to get me depressed. I'm tired of being sick and having a hard time hearing.
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Today is a bright and sunny Tuesday! The weather is getting warmer here. Less than two weeks left of school until spring break...Yeah! Too bad I only get one week for college. Oh well.
Debra-hope everything goes well with your car today.

Sunlion-hope everything goes well with your daughter and school.

Sfell-I hope that you're allergies get better soon.

Dawn-I hope your ear feels better soon.

Have a great and happy Tuesday!!!
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I'm kinda new here. I noticed it is all the Top Cats, Alpha Cats, Home Cats, etc. who post on this so I hope I am not pulling a faux paux by posting on this thread.

It is really a beautiful day here in CO. Supposed to reach 60! It's days like these that being stuck in an office under the florescent lights really stinks!

It really is amazing how cruel kids can be, and how young they learn it now. I just don't remember it being that bad that young, and I am not even 30 (will be later this year though ).

Have a great day everyone!!
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valanhb - Everyone is welcome to post to this thread. I'm glad you did! It's nice to see new people posting and hearing how their day is. I remember when I was a newbie and I was very guarded about posting to the DT thread too and then one day I just jumped right in. I guess it's like getting your feet wet. :tounge2:
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If it's a thread, it's open to all! (Otherwise it would be a pm). Glad to see you joining in. I remember when I first hesitated about posting in the DT too.

Well, color my day crappy. I am well rested and full of pep. I SHOULD be dragging my butt from lack of sleep after seeing Billy Joel and Elton John in concert last night, but the show was cancelled 2 hours before it was scheduled to start!!!!! I sure do hope they reschedule, and on a day that I can go. Man, I am so disapponinted! I was so looking for ward to the show.
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Deb - that is horrible!! I hope that they at least had a good reason to cancel the concert. I hope they reschedule the show for you, too. That was supposed to be amazing!

And thanks to everyone for the welcome!
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