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Okay... what to expect?

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You might have seen my post in Strays and Ferals about Nerona which is a black and white pregnant feral stray in my vicinity, which has so far been impossible to trap. So, I am getting ready for the prospect of her giving birth and find homes for the kittens. My main problem: I don't know anything about cats giving birth. Essentially, what to expect. I have an idea of where she might try to nest, because we have a small toolshed in the backyard, which is closed and we haven't entered in years, but that one of the walls has openings large enough for a cat to squeeze in. But I've got loads of questions... how many kittens she might have? (She is a small and very young cat, almost the feline equivalent of a 12 year old giving birth)... what can I expect, when to take the kittens, and essentially how to help her, if necesary (taking into account she's feral... she will get near you and knows you are not out to boil her in olive oil, but she won't be touched).

Its a very open question what I have, because I don't know even to ask. Essentially, what must I do?
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Hi I'm somewhat of a newbie here too..but I just wanted to commend you on being concerned and wanting to help the cat. Best of Luck with it BY the way, not sure if you have read this article yet, but it proved to be helpful to me-its actually a sticky on this forum..Take Care http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46743
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Also...you will definately want to trap her as soon as possible because she can get pregnant again soon after giving birth....perhaps you can trap her and the kittens and bring them inside so that she can nurse them and then you can have her fixed.

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That's a great article.

Feral cats usually don't want any help delivering. If you trap any of them before they are 6-8 weeks old, make sure you can keep the mother with the kittens so she can nurse them.
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I would strongly recommend that you keep trying to trap her. Life is not kind to kittens who are born outdoors.

Can you describe in detail how you have tried to trap her - what brand of trap, what bait, any tricks you have tried? Someone might be able to offer advice on how to trap her.
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there are so may strays and unwanted kittens ..I think It is great u are helping ...My expirence with my cats Ive had is time and patientence is key ...when u feed her how does she react? does she come near you? also when she gets closer to birth she may become affectionate ..I took In a stray years ago ( Not freindly at all was she ) this cat never realli wanted to be held ..But late one night she became sooooo wanting attention it was weird how she never came near me before or wanted to be petted but that night and the time before she gave birth was wonderful!!!!
Just letting the cat see you and get used to human interaction will be good ..
as for the fact she was a stray I dont want to worry you but I would look into getting the kittens tested when they are old enough For Feline lukemia...
also when U give the kittens away Id ask the people who are taking them are they going to be indoor pets or spayed?
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Victor, I agree with the others. Make a good effort to trap her before she gives birth. You said she comes close - close enough for you to pick her up and put her in a carrier? It sounds like she is very wary of the trap. lay 1 piece of newspaper over the floor of the trap and sprinkle a little used kitty litter on it. You can also try a little catnip or some oily sardines to tempt her in.

If you have no sucess and she does give bith in the shed, you'll need to feed her a good quality kitten food. In fact, you'll need to start feeding her that now. Perhaps make a wam nest for her now in the shed using a large cardboard box and some old blankets. If she gets used to it now, she may use it as her nesting box. You'll need to leave the kittens with her until they are at least 8 weeks old, preferably 12 weeks. They may need a little socialisation after that so they are adoptable. Once the kittens are coming out to eat the kitten food as well regularily, you can then attempt to trap Mumcat again to have her spayed. Keep in mind that, at that time, she may have already mated and become pregnant again. It's for the best, though, to still have her spayed.

Good luck with her. Please keep us updated on her progress.
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