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Blu Bleeding From Butt After Using Box

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I am at my wit's end with what is happening with Blu. I posted several weeks ago about the problem that I was having with her dragging her bottom after using the litter box. The vet wormed her, drained her glands twice, checked for parasites twice, but she still kept dragging.

Several days ago I noticed that she had blood coming out of her butt after she had used the litter box. I was horrified and took her to the vet as soon as possible. The vet said that the blood was not coming from her insides, but that her anus was tearing when she used the bathroom. I took a stool sample in and they checked it and said it was not too firm, and that her anus could just be "made that way". I was told to put Vaseline on her twice a day for 10 days.

I now know that the reason for the dragging is probably pain in her anus after using the bathroom, but I don't know what to do to help her. The Vaseline idea doesn't really help and it's not a cure anyway.

I guess my question is this... Is it really possible that she is made this way or do I need to see another vet?

By the way, Blu is around 4 yrs old and very healthy otherwise. I have been feeding her Nutro Indoor formula since I got her at the beginning of September. I thought that changing her food might help, so I am currently mixing Nutro and Eukanuba Indoor formula.

Please give me any advice that you can!

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I would stop using the vaseline as it breaks down the tissue and causes dryness. Instead, I would go to something like Bag Balm to help your cat. I would also stop feeding dry food, feed her wet food only with a bout a teaspoon of pumpkin at each feeding.

Also check your area for a feline specialist and take her there. Sounds to me like she needs more help than your regular vet is capable of giving her.
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My kitty had the same problem (although he didn't intentially rub his butt on anything it just everywhere...gross). I was also feeding him Nutro Max Cat. My vet said that he was probably not digesting the food totally and that it was causing small tears in his colon. My vet recommended switching him to Hill's Science Diet. I did and the problem was taken care of completely. Good luck!
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Thanks so much for posting! I was beginning to wonder if it was the food, and that is why I am in the process of switching to another brand. I have noticed Blu's poo looking kind of grainy (gross, I know), so hopefully a diet change will clear it up.
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