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Keep Your Cat Indoors

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In direction to those of us who have indoor cats but let them out occasionally. If you really want to keep your cat safe keep it indoors. I wasnt the type of person who let mine out occasionally but it happened one time. My mom bought this cat last christmas. He was sweet and loving and loved to be under your feet. My sister named him Ralph. it was to be my sisters cat but she kept moving in and out of the house alot. so it became my moms. Well my brother had friends over and one of them left the door open. Ralph got out. I had just arrived at my mothers and saw ralph hunting for something in the high grass on the side of the road. instead of startling and calling him to me, i started walking his direction. and two seconds later a kid driving a car purpously slid to the side of the brush to hit him. The kid had the whole road, but swerved to hit my cat. For fun. Well it killed him almost instantaneously. I got the kids info and hes in trouble. But what about my moms cat? He never did anything to hurt that kid, he wasnt even remotely in the way of the kid driving. Your cat may want to be outdoors but its not a good idea. Even if your cat knows not to go into the rd that doesnt stop him or her from getting close enough to harms way. We live out in the country where almost everyone has barn cats. but if you dont have a barn cat please keep your beloved pet indoors. Even if your stepping outside for a second, double check that you closed the door good. cause they can slip right out under your feet and youll never notice. Greatfully a cat approached my mom yesterday resembling ralph except this cat is female and not longhaired. So we have replaced the image of the cat we once had. but we will never get that one of a kind personality back that ralph had. But maybe with hope this cat is pregnant and we can have a kitten (or a few) to bring us new memories of love and affection and remind of us ralph everyday. (this cats kinda big in the gut so we are wondering if its preg or has worms. will find out soon when we take her to the vet) I felt i should post this so folks from all over get the idea of just something bad that can happen. so please keep your cat indoors.
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My mom had a long-haried tabby named Hobbes. He was an indoor cat, very playful, very fun, and we all loved him. He died at 4 years of age due to sudden liver failure. We had another cat that was indoors/outdoors and she lived to 18. I respect your desire to keep your cats safe, but bad things happen whether indoors or out. Bottom line is, everyone has to do a risk assesment and decide whether the risks are too high (do you front a busy road, or a road where people speed; are there loose dogs in the area; etc). This has been canvased many times on this board already, and the comments are usually the same: there is a minority camp that thinks it's wrong to keep your cats only indoors, a camp that thinks it's wrong to let your cat out and a camp that thinks the situation is different for every household (I think that covers it). My decision-making is similar to the decision I would make for young children: my cats are allowed out on the weekends when I am home to supervise and check on them periodically (and in the evenings during the summer, when it is light until 9 pm).
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Condolences on your loss of Ralph. What a terrible thing for your family, and I am glad that you had the strength and courage to get the murderer in trouble. I am glad that the end was quick. You are right, if a cat gets out, the risks are higher. but Obi is right, too, my first JC got cancer, and I regret that he didn't get to enjoy hunting butterflies in the front lawn, etc. - he was only 6. My current cats get to go outside more than I'd like, but they are so unhappy inside all the time. I am glad that the new cat has shown up - please tell your mom that I think that Heaven has sent an angel to comfort you all. Hugs, Susan
P.S. You showed great strength in posting this thread - it must have been so difficult to write those words, describing the crime. Poor Ralph - he's free and happy over RB, but how sad, he was only having a little cat fun, hunting by the bushes...have fun hunting butterflies in Heaven, Ralph!
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Thats so sad Theres some horrible cruel people in this world, and this is one of the many reasons why i keep my two indoors.

RIP Ralph Run and play, but know that you were loved so much
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I am so sorry

RIP Ralph
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Condolences on the loss of Ralph. How awful to have him purposely killed! I'm glad you reported the driver!!!

Rest in peace, Ralph.
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