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metoclopramide question

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hello! My cat was recently put on prednisone for her inflamotory bowel disease. We took her to the vet for a checkup, and the vet wanted to increase her dosage. However, she recently tore a ligament in her knee. Increasing her dosage of prednisone might not help in the healing of the knee, so she was perscribed metoclopramide instead.

She has been on metoclopramide for a couple of days, and while things have been mostly OK, I have noticed a few strange things. First, there has been a few urine spots in the litter box. By spots, I mean it's almost like she urinated for only a second. She did however make a seemingly normal bowel movement yesteday.

Second, she's been meowing at us more frequently. While she is no stranger to meows, it's primarily food related. She will only do it while sitting right next to her food bowl. Now she will yell and various spots around the house, for what reason I don't know.

Does anyone have any experience with metoclopramide? Is this normal behavior? She does seem normal for the most part, and is still affectionate, and still eating and drinking. Thanks in adavance!
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I belive that is like Reglan and is for the stomach, you may want to look it up online, just type it in the browser, I have had no experince with it, but I'm sure some one has, hope Your kitty gets better good luck.
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She could just be stressed from the illness and the vet visit. If her erratic behavior keeps up I would phone your vet.
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Metoclopramide CAN (rarely) have some central nervous system side effects. I would discuss your cats behaviour with your vet. She may have also developed a urinary tract infection and be uncomfortable.
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