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help! meowing at night!!

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my cat and I used to live alone together in my own apt. I left the bedroom door open so she could wander in and out at night and she was usually good about being quiet at night.
Now we live in an apt with two other roommates. All my cat's things are in my room, so I'd like to just shut the door when we go to bed. But the problem is if she hears anything going on in the living room at night or early in the AM she meows constantly asking to let out.
I don't think my roommates like it when she wanders free at night because they don't have bedroom doors and she bothers them while they're sleeping.

Is there anyway I can train her to be quiet at night? Maybe shut in her cage in the bathroom for awhile if she's doing it, so she'll understand she can't always get what she wants by meowing at people when they're sleeping?
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Shut her in the bathroom, yes, but she'll still meow in there until she gets used to the idea of not being allowed to roam around at night. It could take several weeks. You'll need to be patient.

Put her litterbox, water, some toys, and something to curl up on in the bathroom. And leave a nightlight on. She should be fine in there.
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I didn't try the bathroom thing, but did try just ignoring her and NOT opening the door to let out to play in the living room at 1am.

It may have worked cause last night after I went to bed she just spent a few minutes looking out the window quietly and then jumped up onto my bed and went to sleep.

It probably helped that I had made sure to play with her before bedtime and that my roommates had stopped with their TV watching in the living room by then.

She did start meowing this morning after 7am, but my alarm had already started going off, so that one is understandable and doesn't bother me as much.
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