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Bach's Remedy - dosage question

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I picked up some of the Bach's today & want to try it on my kitty. She has just become much more apprehensive about thing in general over the past few months. So hoped a bit of this would help relax her.

My question is - If the dose for a human is 4 drops how much should I give to this 9-1/2 # cat? If I put it into her water won't have any idea how much she gets.

How about if I just try to put ONE DROP in her mouth this evening? Then maybe Two drops tomorrow if the one doesn't seem to help?

Thanks for any advice.

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Cats get the same amount. You put 4 drops into the water or for faster results, you put it right onto the tounge.
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I was wondering about this Bach's remedy. What is it and where do you get it. I have a friend who has a very stressed out kitty. Could someone give me some info. By the way I live in Canada.
Crazy in Nova Scotia
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It's an all natural product used to calm your nerves. It's also used with animals. It's flower essense and some alchohol. You can usually find it at most major health and nutrition stores. I have also seen it advertised at www.jefferspet.com
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3 drops dropped right into the mouth, or ... rubbing into the ears.
I tried this and it has helped for sure, I was giving it to my 18-yr old for incessant yowling. The person recommending this was a health store person who also treated animals for various things as a business. Not a vet tho.
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