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Christmas Collars

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Mooch and Noodles got new collars last week for Christmas! I never liked the selection PetSmart seemed to have, but this time I found fantastic collars! These are thier Christmas collars. They are so cute I couldn't wait for Christmas. I'll get them new ones after Christmas too.

Here's my Mooch!

And my Noodles!

(You should be able to click the pics to make them bigger, if I did it right this time!)
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Very pretty!
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I love Noodles blue snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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They both look very festive in their new Holiday collars.
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looks like they are all ready for xmas!!

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Great collars! Your babies are certainly cool cats this Christmas!
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Very cute! Mooch in particular looks very proud, and blue is a good collar color for Noodles!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Here's my Mooch!
Wooh! I like both collars, especially the green one though. I was looking for a green collar for Guinness but had to put a red one on him instead
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Those are great, I really love Mooch's!!
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Oh how cute they look in thier Christams collars.
I`ve never put collars on my cats...they are past a year old I doubt they`d stand for it for a second!
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you did well - the ones you chose really go with their coats!
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Joey looks wierd with a collar that's why he's the only one of the 3 cats that doesn't have one
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Aw thanks everyone! I really love the collars. Can't wait to get thier after holiday collars too. I suppose I ought to look for Valentine ones after Christmas...spoiled? Nah!
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Mooch looks so proud of the green one! Is this good mommy? Should I turn? I love the blue one though.

Why have a cat if you cant spoil it? Whats the fun in that.
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Originally Posted by Roxy_loves_CJ
Why have a cat if you cant spoil it? Whats the fun in that.
Ooo! That's a good one! Gonna use it on DH!
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Hahaha that's such a good idea - I'm going to go get Christmas collars for the puppies now! I would do it for the cats too, but getting their collars on them at all is such an exercise of determination and courage that I couldn't possibly do it
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