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Raw Meat

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Yesterday, I pulled out a package of ground beef to cook and left it unattended for a few minutes and when I returned, there was a huge chunk gone. The kids didn't get it so I figured Rascal ate some of it. Is a little bit okay or should I be concerned? I know, I know. Never leave meat unattended so next time, I will cover it with something.
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I'm no expert, but since cats are omnivorous (both meat and vegetation) I would think he should be fine. In the wild, both big cats and feral domestics eat things that would make your skin crawl and are fine with that. The only thing I would be concerned with is if there was plastic covering the meat and he ingested any of that. If not, then the worst would probably be a little upset tummy from not being used to eating meat if he ate too much.
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Just have to say that cats are in fact carnivores. Raw meat is perfectly fine for cats, it's actually very good for them, it's what they're meant to eat. For a cat unused to such things the meat might cause a little diarrhea, but often not even that so no worries.
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I believe it is possible for a cat to get salmonella. . .though not likely. . .even though in the wild they eat all sorts of icky stuff. There are pathogens (parasites, bacteria, virus etc) that are sometimes in raw foods that can cause intestinal trouble. That is why as a rule, it is not a prudent thing to give pets raw meat on a regular basis.

I don't mean to scare you but I do know of a family that lost their dog because of salmonella from raw meat -- I think this is very rare though. Just keep an eye on Rascal and if there are signs of tummy trouble take kitty to the vet. Most likely kitty will be fine.
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