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Play time

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Hello all, i'm new here. I have a male cat, who is 7 years old, and spends more and more time inside. he hardly goes outside, and would much rather stay indoors. however, I fear he gets very bored, so, i'm wondering what kind of stimulations i could give him so that he wasn't so bored? any advice is well apreciated!
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Make or buy him a "fishing pole" with a favorite toy attached to the end of the "line". It gives the cat plenty of exercise (they LOVE them!) without wearing the owner out.
You can even go "cat fishing" while you are watching TV without missing the program.
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Awsome idea, but he has a horrable tendency of hissing and really attacking it! hes even gone after the fisher a few times! I'm looking for something where we wont assosiate my hand to much with his toy. Claws hurt!
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Laser pens are great and they've got some distance. He can chase the beam around and never get close to your hand.
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We bought Blaze a cat toy that clamps onto a door frame.It's a mouse with cat nip in it and she LOVES it!!!! We sometimes make the elastic shorter, so she has to jump to catch her mouse and she can drag it.She'll pull on it so far, and then it bounces back to the door.She'll play for hours with it.
We've thought about getting her the plastic toy mouse that actually moves with the help of batteries, but have some concerns she may get to the batteries
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I've tried lazer pens, he hates them. Hes afraid of the battery mice, and they make the most horrable sound... he sure seems to like fish, and I was wondering if you think he'd benifit from a small,active fish?
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What about the Cat Dancer?. Your hands won't get clawed with one of those

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if by "fish", you mean that he likes to watch fishtanks, then i suggest a small tank with neon's in it. they're quite curious and skitterish and i'm sure he would have fun chasing them from one side of the tank to the other with his paws. (just keep the lid on tight!)
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Advancing age, lack of interest in things he once enjoyed, plus occasional aggression, even against you... it's possible he's suffering from some kind of pain. How long since he's had a checkup?
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Speaking from personal experience...being Zaz the spaz's mom ...since the beginning... when...we adopted Zazu we new he was a fireball! We knew that there was NO WAY this kitty could stay entertained for the period of time that Zazusdad and I were working...we kept invisioning coming home from work with the plants toppled over the couches shredded to peices...just utter chaos...so...we decided to get little Zazu a buddy...Mojo has been a perfect brother to Zazu ...and they spend hours a day playing with each other! So, I guess my point is...get yourself another kitty buddy...that will surely cure the bordom bug! Good luck!
~ Zazusmom
& Mojo, too.
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You could make him a puzzle box. Basically you take a cardboard box, cut holes in the sides & the top (just big enough for a paw to fit through) & tape it closed. Then you can put treats or even dry kibble or mice toys inside & your boy will have to work to get them out. You can also buy puzzle boxes (here's a link to one so you can get an idea of what they can look like: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...188x004&ctt=61) but it's more my speed to make them

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