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Do softpaws work?

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My wife and I bought brand new furniture and have tried different methods of stopping the kitten from scratching. But none have worked. Do the soft paws nail caps work? We also thought about trying the sticky tape, we'll probably just use double sided carpet tape. It may not be transparent but she keeps crawling under the recliners and scratches from the inside. I haven't found a reasonable way to block the back of the recliner so she can't get in. So do soft paws work? Thanks for the feedback.

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Yes, they do. I've seen them last up to 8 weeks. She will still be able to extend and retract her claws, but won't be able to scratch anything with them.

They come in different sizes, I think the Dr Foster and Smith website may have a chart to measure her claws on. (Print it out and extend one claw over it). Kittens are easy, they just use "kitten" size, but adults can have different claw thicknesses.

Good luck and thank you for looking at the alternatives to declawing!!!!!
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Soft paws are great. I've been using them on my kittens for about six weeks now, and I haven't had a single problem. They stay on for about three weeks, and my cats don't mind them at all. It only took them about a day to ajust to jumping all the way up onto things, rather than clawing their way up the last bit.

If you want any helpful hints, PM me.
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Yes! They saved our furniture.

The www.softpaws.com web site has lots of info, and an FAQ page that is helpful, and you can also email them with questions.

If you're unsure about applying them yourself the first time or can't decide what size to get, you can call around to groomers and veterinarians to find someone who can apply them for you & show you how it's done.

The vet put them on one of my cats the first time and showed me how, so I could do ther other cats at home. She had a kit with all the different sizes right there, so she could tell me which size I'd need for my cats, and she also sold the take-home kits. You can also get the kits for home use on the softpaws web site, at Petco & Petsmart, and on Ebay.

This site has a lot of good info about training your cat appropriate scratching habits: www.catscratching.com
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