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TCS Prayers Needed

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Hi Guys! Got a call from my mother first thing this morning. Our co-worker called her to let her know one of our former student's boyfriend (have lived together for years just weren't married) passed away very unexpectedly yesterday.

They own a contracting business and just last week finished putting in a patio for my parents and the week before that had put in a new door for my co-worker. It is just a total shock. He had a massive brain annurism is what they say, he was brain-dead before the paramedics could get there. My co-worker was on her way to be with her.

So I am asking for prayers for her and her family. With her disability she somewhat depended on him. So that is on top of her loss of her love. They have 4 kids between them, all grown. Thanks guys.
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How terrible!, that is such a sudden and unexpected way to go. My prayers are with her and her family.
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Oh my! We never do know when or who it can happen to , do we? I am praying for all concerned.
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This family will be in my thoughts.
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That is terrible. Thinking of them all
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Wow what a shocker for your family. Sending vibes.....
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How very sad.
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{{{Prayers & vibes}}} for the poor lady & her family! What a tragic loss for them - I can only hope that he had life insurance to help with funeral expenses.....BTW, a thumbs up for your co-workers on getting the word out - it shows that the widow has a caring community to turn to in her hour of need.
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I will be thinking of this family -- what a shock for them!
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Thanks for your thoughts and prayers everyone. We all appreciate it. This is one of the things I love about my company, we have the ability to really care for our people.
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It's a blessing that he didn't suffer and went so quickly, but it's really sad for the family, that they didn't get to say goodbye.
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This is so awful. Thank you very much for sharing this with us!
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Oh that's so awful HUGE loving vibes heading her way
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Oh how terrible! I'm thinking of her and her family!
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I´m so sorry for this bad and unfortunately New...

My prayers to his family!..
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Oh, that is so sad. She and her family are in my prayers.
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