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One of my cats, Teddy, doesn't really purr. He has on rare occasions, and even then, it can't be heard, just felt under his neck. However, he's a very happy, friendly, love bug.

My other cat PJ is a purr machine! You can hear her across a room, and she almost never stops purring. Also, she's a tortie - and I've noticed this about a lot of tortie's - at least the ones I know purr constantly. PJ is also constantly happy.

Does anyone know:
1. Why some cats purr and other don't?
2. Why some purr more than others?
3. Do some types (I know tortie's aren't a breed, but they're different than other cats with all their attitude!) purr more than others, or is it random?

Just curious.
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Everybody's different, cats included. They have different meows and purrs too. It is like how much ppl talk. Ex. I have two sweet barn cats, brother and sister. The fat boy purrs and meows loudly as soon as he sees me. The skinnyish sister meows squeakily when she wants attention (which she gets!), and im not sure when she purrs, because i can only hear it when i hold her close to my ear. They are both very friendly, but i can barely hear the girl purr while i can hear the boy purr loudly across the room. My two kitties!!!

Hopefully helpfully,
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Good queastion. I have never had a cat untill now that didn't purr.. My cats have always purred so easily. I have one now a 3 year old siamese female. And it takes a act of congress to get her to purr. Shes friendly and likes to be patted and loved. But she rarely purrs. She will only purr in certain areas in the house. In the bathroom closet on the towels she will purr. In one of my sons bedrooms. And down on the pool table.
And shes my cat comes to me mainly. But she will purr more easily for my sons! Go figure.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
... I have one now a 3 year old siamese female. And it takes a act of congress to get her to purr ...
At last! Something Congress can achieve! ;-)
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Oh my gosh I have three 8 mo old girlies and they purr alllllll the time I mean all the time, my hubby and I were just talking about it
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I'm guessing all cats purr. It's just that some purr so softly you can't hear it. Hissy? What say you?
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I love my different meows and purrs here. Lola says "meep!" and he purr is barely a whisper...but it's pretty much constant. Leo has a big, dramatic meow and a 90 decibel purr...that he only does for me and the boyfriend.
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Most people believe that when a cat is purring, the cat is happy. This is not always true, for cats will purr when they are scared, sick or even on the verge of death. The purr is the first sound the kitten feels, when his mom purrs to guide him over to the milk bar.

Cats have false vocal cords and the purrs sound when air is passed through these cords. Some cats have immature developed cords and therefore will not purr.
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This realy helped me. I was starting to think My darling Bear had a purring disorder.
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I agree with hissy, when I lost a little kitten last winter I was up all night with him trying to help but didn't know what to do but keep him warm and pet him, He was purring while I was petting him right till he stopped breathing, I just cried my eyes out because I felt so help less.
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