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Wow! I'm a Bengal too.
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Moggie here! But "stable and well-adjusted"??? Uh... NO! I am definitely an open book though. What you see is what you get!
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I think everyone is a Persian LOL
I'm a Persian also!! And I was not even close to being a Homecoming Queen in High School! I was too shy for that!
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I am a bengal.

Out of curiousity, what did all you girls put in as your answers since 75% of you turned out to be persians?
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WOW I am Persian - Most of us seem to be
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I'm a Bengal, but I'm not sure that the description fits. I wasn't the star of the swim team or student body president!
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I came up as a Bengal.
Can't figure that one out...it's almost totally wrong. lol
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Originally Posted by Hell603
WOW I am Persian - Most of us seem to be
I took the quiz again and put in completely different answers - Still a Persian
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
I also got Persian. I think I need to re-take it though. I was deffinately not Homecomming Queen!
I'm also a Persian, but just as confused about the Homecoming Queen thing
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A Persian here too.....at least that's what it told me I was..
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Unlimited supply of..... OPERA TICKETS, wooo!!!

The best part about high school, though, was that it ended...
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Well what do you think?

Persian of course!!
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I'm a moggie!!!

The description fits me nearly to a tee! I wonder why so many got persian though?? lol
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Bengal here.
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Bengal ...yaaaaay
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I'm a Persian too....

We should actually have a poll to see how many persians there are, it is a bit strange that the majority of us are persians...
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I'm a Bengal!!
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Persian, but I don't think so!!!
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I came out a Moggie, as I knew I would -- The Cat Of The Common People! :-)

But of course, that little "test" is not scientifically valid, just a bit of fun dreamed up by the lady in charge of the AboutCats section of that site. And even within those limitations, it's FURTHER limited by the multiple-choice answers. I mean, if I were going to be marooned on a desert island, Jim Carrey would not be my first choice! He's just the best of the choices provided.

First choice would be Tom Hanks, of course. He did "Cast Away" -- he already KNOWS how to make fire! ;-)
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the last time i took this type of quiz, i was a persian. still am! altho i wasn't homecoming queen, either
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I have to admit, as a guy, I found some questions rather confusing.


You have four wonderful hours home alone with no one watching. What would you rather do?

\tA. Cook up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and eat them all with a glass of cold milk.

\tB. Indulge in a long, relaxing bubble bath with your rubber ducky.

\tC. Paint your toenails in all the colors of the rainbow.

\tD. Call your best friend and gossip.

I left that one blank...
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When I saw the title, I was going to say Siamese. The quiz gave me Persian.
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Another persian!
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Yep, I'm a Persian, too!
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bengal here

edited to say i redid the quiz with totally different answers except for the poodle one and it still said i was a bengal
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Cool... I'm a Bengal!!
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A big fat long-haired luxurious Princess cat that had lots of food, pampering and loving, PLENTY of sleep and very little exercise!!!!

(Somewhat like my Sunday...lol...)

At least, that's what I think I would be.

And ... a ha!! ... I'm a Persian
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Just for a laugh I did Max as well....he's a Moggie! He'd be pretty happy with that he's always considered himself the `everyman'...
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