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The Feline's answer to Godzilla?

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Samich is about 6 months old now, we've had him since he was very young. He is a VERY active kitten, getting into all the trouble one would expect, knocking things over, climbing the drapes, setting fire to things, borrowing the car without asking, stealing the key to the liqour cabinet, etc. I am sure these are typical kitty behaviours and he'll grow out of most of them, but A few behaviour problems I could use some advice (nothing I'm doing is effective) PLEASE Let me know if you can offer any advice, thanks!

1. He jumps the counters (eww) a serious NO KITTY ZONE in my house...I tried the tin foil, he likes it....any ideas on how to halt this?

2. While waiting for his breakfast everymorning, he does the "kitty weave" between my feet, adorable right? Except that he stops to bite (hard) my ankles... I literally run to feed him to spare my ankles....BTW I'm certain he is not biting aggressively, he is very good natured otherwise, becomming quite the lap cat, loves to be snuggled, etc. And he ONLY bites during the a.m. feeding routine.... I'm guessing this is normal in the kitty world, for the youngster to annoy the hell out of his mamma when he's hungry, but seriously, they don't make socks thick enough!

Any advice will be great
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#2 - biting ankles is a play-predator type thing. When you "literally run to feed him" you're actually stimulating the behavior. Try slowing down so he doesn't think your ankles are pretend prey. And when he bites, stop moving, say "No!!" or "Ouch!!" in a loud voice like it really hurts. It should be enough to startle him and make him stop. He'll get the picture after a few times.

#1 - there are a few more things you can try with respect to cat deterrents. But if he's really determined to be up there, nothing will stop him. Please read my post in this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69706
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Coaster hit the nail on the head about the biting. By getting up to feed him when he bites you, you are teaching your 'little ankle-biter' to keep doing the behavior. It gets him what he wants. If you want him to stop you have to stop giving in. Definitely say "no" or "ouch" and stay in bed. Feed him when you decide it's time, not when he does.

About the counters, have you tried double-stick tape? He may like that less than the tin foil.
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When he bites your ankles, immediately drop to his level (as fast as you can) stare him straight in the eyes and find inside of yourself the most gutteral hiss you can manage. Hiss one time, never breaking eye contact or blinking- and then rise to your feet again.

For the counter jumper
You can buy those small helium-filled balloons and stick them to the outside edge of the counter by their strings, so they move and bop and create a barrier. Take a small fan and put it so the air blows the balloons around.

Buy relatively inexpensive self-adhesive shelf paper, unpeel it, put it sticky side UP and weight it down with a few heavy items. First time kitty jumps on the counter will be his last- the stuff sticks to his feet for a moment so be prepared for everything to go flying including kitty. Maybe then you can give him his pilot wings.
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Hissy, I am sooooo going to try the eye contact alpha cat thing...as funny as I may look....AND I think I have some shelf paper hanging around...thanks! I'll let you know if it helps!
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