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Originally Posted by Tripper's Mom
I have just taken in a stray with fleas, they probably all have fleas, right? This cat has been seen for at least 3 weeks around my daughter's apt. building and is just skin, bone and hairballs. Because he is so undernourished I don't want to use an flea medication on him because it might be just too much for him. Consequently I am using a comb and tweezers but this is slow and probably not very thorough either. Any suggestions? He's was a pet at some time because he's very friendly and the poor fellow has had his front feet declawed - all 6 toes on each foot! I'm keep him in the 2nd bathroom which is unpopular with everyone including the cat himself but I don't want fleas or anything else spreading to my own 2 cats or the other human in the house. I had him ( the cat, not the other human) scanned for a microchip 2 days ago - no luck. This is my first time on your website & I haven't figured out how to start a new thread re: fleas so this looked like the best place to start.
Hope this helps:

To treat fleas, it is safe to use a very small amount of kitten strength Advantage, Frontline or Revolution drops, as long as you have your vet's consent to do so! You will need to treat the kitten once a month. Be sure that you obtain the spot on flea treatment from your vet, and not over the internet or over-the-counter. After applying the drop/s, use your thumb to spread it along the kittens back in a straight line, to the tail. This helps to spread the flea treatment over the whole kitten's body. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Dosages are as follows:

Birth to one week: one drop (two drops if flea infestation is heavy)
One to two weeks: two drops
Two to four weeks: 3 drops
Four to six weeks: 4 drops
Six weeks on: follow directions on pack
If you don't want to use flea treatments, you can lather some vet-approved kitten shampoo onto his fur and use a very fine flea comb to comb out the fleas. The shampoo immobilizes the fleas, making it easier for them to be combed out. Be careful that the kitten doesn't become chilled during this process. After you have combed all the fleas out, rinse off the shampoo under warm water. Use the hairdryer or warm towel process discussed earlier, and don't get water in the kitten's ears or eyes.

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Aww poor poor Max. A week in 40 degrees! I don't see how he made it at all. It's so great you rescued him. And I don't think you could possibly spoil him too much after that ordeal. Glad he's got a wonderful home to go to, and I'm glad you get to spoil him a bit longer, too. Hope he fattens up quickly. Keep the pictures coming.
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G-d Bless you for saving that boy!

And dont worry about him being skinny - my girl when brought home had all her ribs showing and was teeny-tiny - she quickly turned into a tub of lard LOL. He'll be fine.

And I agree with KathyLou - spoil away! they all deserve it!
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I'm just now reading this thread. Great job, Felicia! Hope the vet visit goes well. I do like Max's markings, he is a beautiful cat!

Congrats on your new one, Tripper's Mom, hope he improves quickly like Max.
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