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Ailey Has Worms!!!

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Ailey has worms i can see them crawling on her poopie! omg ! ok i havent dealt with this problem before. the vets is not open till monday what should i do? kinda freaking here its really gross. what should i do with salem and isis they were given worm medicine when i got them and i havent noticed any creepy crawlies on their poopie. they have 3 different litterboxes but they only use one of them. is there anything i should do? do i need to worry about salem and isis as well even though they have been treated. i don't know how she got them unless she had them before and the wormer the vet gave her when i took her in hasn't worked yet. yuk this is really grossing me out lol. i hate crepy crawlies of any kind lol
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Can't offer any advice on how to prevent the other cats from getting the worms. But you should bring in a stool sample from the cat that has worms so the vet will know what worms she has . And can give the right medicine for which type of worms she has..
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Ailey won`t die by tomorrow from worms...so try not to panic.
I know it gives you the creeps....but it is going to be OK.....and it`s VERY UNLIKELY that you will get them . Just wash your hands good after sifting the literbox.
Iceolate her if she gets diahreah to a place where it can be easily cleaned up. (Some cats get it when they have worms)
The vet will tell you if all the cats need to be treated....I`d rather imagine so...and I say that because we had a kid that had them once and the whole family had to take the meds....but it may be different with cats and depending on the kind of worms they are.
Just be sure you get a good stool sample before going to the vet. (You can collect it up to 24 hours ahead of time, just keep it in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:....the fresher the better tho, so if you make a collection, and she goes again later, just toss the first baggie of " goodies" out and keep the newer one.) You can put the baggie inside a little paper bag or box so you don`t have to look at it in the :censor::censor::censor::censor:. :-)
Whatever you do, don`t try to buy over the counter worm meds. They won`t be very effective, and you probably don`t know what kind of worms you`d be treating, and that stuff can make your kitty sick. Get only from your vet. Luckily worm meds are one thing that is not very expensive...even if you have to do Salem and Isis too. Everything is going to work out in the end. (No pun intended)
Just try to stay calm and not freak out too much before you can get the poop to the vet and get meds.
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thanks, lol i had a mental picture of opening the firdge and seeing this bag of poop. ewwwww lol. i know she wont die its just really gross. her poop is not runny at all so thats good. but anyways were headed for church i just wanted to check and see if i got any suggestions before i left.
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There is no need to panic. Call the vet in the morning and describe exactly what the worms looked like (I am going to guess wiggling grains of white rice, which would be tapeworm). They might ask you to bring her and/or a stool sample, or they might just make up a prescription for you. Either way, she's had the worms for a while and there's no need to worry. She'll be fine until you can get her to the vet.
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OK I took Ailey tot he vet this morning and doc gave me 2 pills for the worms one he gave to her today and the other i have to give her 30 days from now. he said that she looked fine but that she has earmites and one of her ears is slightly infected. he said there was no need for antibiotics and that once the ear mites are gone her ear should be fine. he said that i could get rid of them using a perscription medicine that cots 40$ which i didn't have i spent the last 93$ i had on her today. He did mention that there were other ways to get rid of them and I was wondering how successful some of the treatments are. I know he said something about using olive oil. how well does that work? she got her rabies shot today also and her second round of shots. she has been following me arouund like crazy since we got home all she wants me to do is love one her. its really sweet!! i love her soooo much. who would have think that a cat could make you feel so complete!! OH BTW Im going to get my marriage license(sp) today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think im gonna be sick now lol im just a ball of nerves. Man friday can't get here fast enough..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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