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Gus and Ghillie, Ghillie and Gus....

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Eesh, I "watch" too much nick jr. with my son, all I can think of is the Max and Ruby theme song when I am calling the kittens

So! Last Sunday, we went and brought these little babies home. It was a very long drive (3.5 hours), the poor things had to have been scared to death. We got them home, and have been doing our best to be patient and loving with these little guys.

Haggis (Gus) is more passive than Ghillie is, he tends to "fwump" down where-ever he feels like it, he's more open to petting and sometimes cuddles. He spends less time hiding than being out in plain view. He's the first one to start purring, and is one handsome boy.

Ghillie, has gone from being almost feral-like, to skittish. She will come and let you love her if you have a can of food in your hand. When its very quiet, she will sometimes come up to you and let you pet her.

I've been working alot with these guys this week. Playing with 'distance' toys, things that we can dangle from a couple feet away, so they don't feel like we are crowding them. I've been petting them while they eat, I've been picking them up and petting them as long as they will allow me to. I've been trying to show them that they are safe, loved, and that no one is here to harm them.

They are getting better every day, but they still run and hide. While I -have- blocked up most of the places where they could wriggle through to hide behind big furniture, I've kept out places where they can feel safe, yet still be somewhere we could see them. I figured, hiding and feeling safe is great, but not if it just means they learn that hiding from everyone is acceptable and the way to live out life. Does that make sense?

I do notice that if I am up late, like now, (good gods help me, as if I diddnt allready suffer from sleep dep!) that Ghillie is much easier to interact with. Naturally, I have to tell her how beautiful she is, how lovely, queenly, etc. etc. etc. she is. She's alot calmer if I'm the only one awake -mutter-

Part of what I think helped was that I grabbed some Feliway (? is that right?) at the pet store earlier this week, desperate to calm her down. I think it worked, I havent sprayed it for the last two days, should I keep using it? (No no, not spraying them, just spraying places like my chair legs, desk, their bed yadda yadda)

The two seem more interested in the rest of the house now. I've told them that once they can relax, when they don't run for cover the second someone comes downstairs, when they don't run away and hiss at us (Ghillie, sometimes.) then they can go explore the rest of the house.

I know they don't understand a word I'm saying (Unless it includes: food, pretty girl, handsome, etc.) but I was hoping that the more I talk to them, the more they will mellow out a little.

I know that I keep rambling, ( I do that, sorry!) I'm not as worried as I was, but I was hoping some of you might have some advice? I know patience is key, but I wonder if theres something else I should be doing? I've never -ever- brought kittens home that reacted like this before, who have been so terrified of everyone. It seems like any of my previous cats would just snuggle and purr from day one.

(Again, sorry for the long, rambling post, I had the day from hell at work, diddnt sleep much, and am up WAY too late! Thank you for taking the time to read this!)

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I think you are doing a good job with Ghillie and Gus.
However, hiding is something cats do. It is not always because they are afraid. My Skinny does it just so she can "surprise" an unsuspecting passerby I even suspect that "hide & seek" is one of my cats favorite pastimes.
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