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Please help me save my carpet!

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I'm sure there's no way on God's green earth I'll be able to get the cats to stop it, but does anybody know how I can FIX it? They'll get a hold of a carpet strand and start pulling and now I've got a few places with a bunch of carpet strands pulled up. Can I somehow glue it back down or something? I may end up having to put hardwood in the entire house if they keep this up!
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Oh, but you CAN get them to stop it! Do you have nice tall, stable scratching posts for them that give the kitties plenty of resistance when they pull on them? Preferably one with carpet and one with sisal, to give them a choice? Rubbed with catnip to attract them?

I've never tried to repair a carpet, but you might try a hot glue gun with a very small tip, so you can control the glue carefully. Be careful, though -- the hot tip might be enough to melt the carpet fibers themselves, if they're nylon.

Once it's repaired, I think there are things you can spray on the areas they've scratched to discourage recidivism -- not sure what, though. Others will let you know.

Laminated wood floors throughout the house is my DREAM! Easier to care for, cleaner, hypoallergenic...and gorgeous. ~ sigh ~ Maybe someday.
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If they don't have an alternative, they will continue to shred the carpet. The tall scratch post is a great idea, and I also use the flat card-board scratchers and the ones that go up on an angle. When you see the cats go after the carpet, redirect them to the alternative so they know what you want them to do. Be persistent and patient until they figure it out.
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I have the same problem. I had new carpets put in the whole house last summer. And in the living room they have dug and pulled places. No loose threads but it still isn't good. I have two scratching post and 1 small kitty condo to scratch on and another type of scratcher thing. I always stop them the minute they scratch the rug. But they still will do it. When I am home which is most of the time I stop them pronto and show them where to scratch so I have avoided to much damage.
If your not home (work) Then buy a small cheap throw rug and keep the area where they have done the damage covered so it doesn't get worse damage. When your home you can stop them.. And bring them to their scratching post.. Good Luck
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Yes and make sure there are no dangling little strings that might entice them to continue the behavior after you've made adjustments the others have mentioned. With a sisal tree they will most likely forget all about the carpets.
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They are not after the carpet, they are after the smell. Is this a brand new carpet or an older one? You need to neutralize the scent of what they are after. I would recommend Feliway spray, and saturate the area of the rug with this spray.
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The throw rug trick worked for me. I bought some cheap ones, and put them over our oriental carpet, which Jamie was pulling. Some are bottom side up, so that he can use the sisal.
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They do have all the other scratching areas too (a tree with sisal, a carpet pad, a cardboard scratcher). I do redirect them if I see them scratching on carpet but the damage they've done was while I'm at work. All the areas are right in a corner of the stairs so I can't put anything over it unfortunately.

The carpet is about five years old. I bought this house a year ago and as far as I know there were no animals here before them. I did finally see bitter apple spray at the pet store so maybe I will try that. Do pet stores carry the Feliway too or would I need to buy that online somewhere?
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We keep a small/med sized heavy oval braided rug in the living room near the main carpet. They prefer scratching it instead of the carpet, and it holds up well - they've been scratching on it for a few years and I can't see any damage to it.

Our main carpet still is getting all snagged up, though, just from the cats & dogs accidentally catching their claws in it. I think the loops are too large, and the carpet isn't very well made, so we're planning on purchasing a different type of carpet that won't be so easily damaged.
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I have wood or tiles right through my new French house, for that reason! I shall put rugs down in the living room and bedroom but I shall never make the mistake of combining fitted carpet and cats again.
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What I've done with our current area rug/carpet is trim the snags off so they don't look quite so obvious.
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