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Sinus infection or what?

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I am trying to find information about sinusitis. See, for a long time, I've been having pain on my forehead, close to my nose. This develops after sneezing a lot(I sneezed a lot today). The upper part of my nose that is attached to the forehead is very sensitive and painful. Sometimes this pain occurs when I have ice cream or other freezing snacks(I avoid them)when the room is cold, When it is cold outside, or other things. I am wondering if that is sinusitis that comes when I get either allergies or a cold. I don't have a doctor. The doctor who I used to have prescribed flonaise(but i really don't like putting things in my nose. What kind of over the counter medication would you guys recommend? something nondrowsy.

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Your best bet is to go to a search engine like google or dogpile and ask it to search up websites about this. There are a ton of good ones out there and that should help you
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This is going to seem gross, but do you get that post-nasal drip. I don't know how to explain it, but I get it often...... It's a disgusting "taste" that often stays til I go to sleep. It affects the taste of food, sodas, etc ...........
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If it is your sinuses, normally the symptoms would be pressure under your eyes and in your forehead, and if you were to tap in that area with two fingers it would be painful. What you are describing sounds like something else, maybe allergy related but not with your sinuses. Also when your sinuses are infected or "full", your whole head feels stuffy and almost headache like. BUT, if for any reason you believe you have a sinus infection you do indeed need to see a doc asap. Its not something to mess around with, and it must be treated with antibiotics.
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I have to agree wholeheartedly that sinus infections are not something to fool around with. Over the counter meds will just mask the prob and let it get worse. You could wind up having to have surgery.

Last Nov I was hauling what is known as "hog fuel";a mixture of shredded bark and sawdust. They brought a batch of old stuff gathered from several mill yards that was horribly rotten. This junk was so bad that it spontaneously combusted TWICE in the yard. Chock full of mildew and fungus. The dust from loading/unloading permeated everything and I got myself a real good sinus infection. I was eating Advils and Sinutabs like candy...and sleeping only about 1 or 2 hours a night. My head was splitting all the time. Couldn't get a doctor's appt for a month. I was becoming unsafe to be on the road. So finally I flat quit. The doc put me on clarithromycin and the flonase.Those finally did the trick,but it took 3 weeks.

Incidentally..unemployment turned me down because they deemed quitting the job as unjustified. I guess they would rather I ran down a car full of kids.
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