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Dog Neuter

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For those of you who are also with canine I am curious to see how much it cost to get your males neutered. I am getting my 50lb male neutered next month at the Humane Society for $20. I decided to do this when I found out that one local vet would charge $109 and the other was $112 + $15 for after surgery antibiotic. Now I have worked at a vet clinic and we never dispensed antiobitics for a spay/neuter and if I can remember correctly neuters were never that expensive. Spays could get that expensive if it was a big dog (80lb). Have any of you run into this?
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I haven't had to have any dogs neutered, but my german shepherd was close to that when I had her spayed.
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I haven't had any dogs neutered, but it is essentially the same thing they do to cats. I can't see why it would be that expensive...
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I've been getting quotes as high as that to get my kitties done, so I can believe it. But you're right, I feel like they're gouging a little. I wonder if they are raising the prices on neuters to keep them down on spays? Because I can understand that being expensive since it is actual abdominal surgery and is more complicated and delicate.
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Allison, that is exactly what I was thinking. When I worked at the vet clinic spays were always more expensive because it was surgery that required going into the animal where a neuter was much less complicated. I remember you were saying that Fred and one of the others was not getting along well, but I bet once you get them neutered that will all change. You might try the Humane Society in your area to see if they have any specials. I actually looked into several agencies that were low cost and I found them by doing a search on the internet and the yellow pages. They actually have a clinic here called "The Spay & Neuter Clinic" where that is all they do but they were twice as much as the Humane Society.
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