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Mishka the cat!

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I simply have to tell you about my beautiful cat: Mishka. She sleeps in my bed every night, right next to me with her little head on the pillow. Her favourite place to sleep in during the day is in my closet. She also licks anything: furniture, my hand and face when I pet her, plastic bags, etc...can anyone explain that? she is really a wonderful cat!
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I have moved your questino to the behavior forum, where you will get some responses.

I personally think you have a very lovie Kittie!
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She sounds adorable! I'm not sure about licking furniture, etc., but Ophelia licks us when she is really happy getting loves. I think that is her way of loving us back, like a mama cat (either that or we are just really dirty in her opinion ) She also licks Daddy's nose to wake him up to get those loves. Trent licks bags, which I think is fairly normal in cats, especially at 2 am.

Maybe she is just trying to keep the whole house clean!
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Jinxy licks me too sometimes. Especially my feet after I have showered.

I have heard that cats think of us humans as big cats, so when they lick us they are treating us like their siblings. How cute is that???

You sound like you have an adorable kitty on your hands. What kind is she and what does she look like?
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I have heard that plastics are made in part from beef tallow (I think that's how it is spelled), so your cat might be detecting some scent from the tallow. (Who knows if this is true!)
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Your cat sounds like a very loving one!!! Both my cats aren't lickers most of the time. Noah, my 2 year old cat, will only lick me if, of course, there is something on my fingers he wants. But Cleopatra, my 7 month old, will lick my boyfriends sweaters, and hold them lightly in her mouth. I don't know why! She doesn't do it to any of my shirts, just his!! must be love!
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Dani's not much of a licker except when I'm sound asleep. She'll come up to my face and lick my forehead at 4 am or she'll lick my hair.

I've noticed that if I'm groggy, she'll nip at my wrists or ankles (whichever is sticking from under the covers), she doesn't bite down, it's just enough pressure so that I feel her teeth. It's like she's being so gentle with me :tounge2:

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